Chrimbo. What’s it all about ? #BahHumbug

So Chrimbo eh. What’s it all about ? Well first up the week leading up to chrimbo was full of medical related news. The mother in law went in for a knee replacement. Things went well and she was out of hozzi a day early. She will still need a doctors note to get out of Just Dance 2018 on the Nintendo Switch on Chrimbo night. It will be a long road back to fitness but worth it for her and she will soon be back on her broom. Other medical related news a a very close and childhood friend of mine and the missus was rushed into hospital. After a very stressful week things turned out though serious it was towards the best news you could expect on the spectrum of shite served up. Christmas shattered for one family but hopefully not a life. Medical news flash number three and a school mum who we have got to know quite well is fighting a very tough battle with cancer and isn’t well this Christmas. Thoughts and positive vibes go out to all the people mentioned (I don’t do god) In the latter two cases these are two women with families and young children. Here is me sitting here saying I don’t like Christmas and two families would do anything for a normal Christmas. I really don’t need anything else in life so much to say I don’t even need a christmas present. I have everything I want. Family, friends, a house and the very underrated and taken for granted thing that is called health. So looking forward to 2018 I just want it to be a healthy one.

So what is Chrimbo all about ? When I were a lad it was about getting something special as a present that rivalled your birthday for the honours. I will be honest and my kids have christmas whenever they want. Spoilt rotten. The youngest Holly (5) is obviously bang into it and asked me “Would father Christmas set the alarm off” I reassured her that he knew the alarm code and set her little mind at rest. Luckily this year the kids were up in our room for 7am so not too early. Mrs Fay loves the smell of the pine from the Christmas tree. I mean what possesses people to but a cut down tree and keep it in their living room. Much like chrimbo dinner if its that fucking good why don’t we have trees in out rooms all year around and chrimbo dinner more than the once a year event it is ???? I have still yet to see a Christmas cracker worthy of anything and the best thing about Christmas is the deluxe sausage roll garlands and giant chrimbo sausage roll logs they bang out. You can see the pattern developing here. As I have come off Facebook this year Christmas lovers missed out on the Faymondo (Meldrew) advent calendar when each day  would have a new moan. So xmas dinner is going to be a burger and some fries to go followed up by some Vienetta and jaffa cake cheesecake.

Managed to escape the chaos and I couldn’t take much more of building and opening things from 7am to 10am so I sneaked out for a walk with the dogs and some fresh air. Having a moments thoughts for those aforementioned chrimbo’s that had been turned upside down and also a thought about those from my side of the family who are not here anymore. But not to be a complete moaning and grumpy old twat my thoughts turned to young Penny and her first Christmas. Just a smile will do for your Great Uncle Neil.

So Chrimbo eh whats it all about ? Well about making you buy things, sit down and have this certain type of meal and do certain pastimes. For some people an excuse to eat and drink loads. I can do this on any random day of the year thank you very much. I get into chrimbo for the kids and trying smile as much as possible to keep other people happy but we all want different things in life and different things from chrimbo. Well me I am happy to see the family, have a laugh, think about others, have a bevy, eat chocolate orange at 11am in the morning.

All that is left for me to say is a very merry chrimbo to you all. Give you loved ones a special hug as a Christmas will come and you wont be able to hug them anymore. Well I am off to bang xmas hat and beard on, get sozzled and think that it went be long and its all over for a another year and juts time to ponder why there was an advert for Canesten on TV on Xmas Eve and who was the target audience ?

Ho ho ho or itch itch itch.


Fay x x x x x x x x x


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