A rewind to The ITV Chart Show Faymondo style !!!

Way back in the day (1986) there was a TV music show that started life on Channel 4 but made it to ITV in 1989. For a period I religiously tuned into to this show with my video recorder primed to tape any videos that were played from my favourite bands of the time. Every week you would get a featured chart from one of the three sub charts it ran (Dance, Indie and Rock) Some new tracks were featured and there was a top 10 countdown at the end with often different placing to the gold standard radio one chart we all followed with our tape recorders at the ready. The Chart Show features some cutting edge graphics at the time with pop up boxes giving information on groups and songs being played. Who can forget tuning in for the end of year chart show. Anyway a nerdy 15 year old me sat down with a school exercise book robbed from Calderstones School and on 4th June 1989 I penned my first top ten singles chart with the first number one being “Heylom Halib” by Capella. So began my singles (Soon to be followed by albums chart) The final singles chart was on Friday 19th September 1997. I must have thought one day after my 24th birthday what the actual fuck am I doing !! Though looking back at the charts for that year they had become sporadic mainly due to the lost weekends I was having clubbing and then being wrecked for the rest of the week. The final number one was “Sunchyme” by Dario G. I Still have all 11 books of the charts. Early book covers are like a snapshot in time with who loved who written on the front. I posted this on instagram last week much to the amusement of a few of the girls who were on the front of the book who I have not hung around with for over 25 years but due to the power of social media we are still in touch and we had a good old laugh at love from the past. I posted the initial chart of 4th June 1989 on Instagram and got laughed at but also it created a talking point. So not one to be scared of taking this piss of ones self I have decided each week I will post a chart up from a year gone by on Instagram and this got me thinking to bang out a blog. This week here on the Faymondo Chart Show we rewind 27 years ago (My god was it really that long ago) and the Faymondo Tope 10 Singles chart dated 25th January 1991.

So below are the videos that made up the charts.











So there you have it. Some magical musical memories for me. Its never gonna be the coolest chart but hope it jogs a few memories for you. If these chart blogs prove popular then I will keep posting one a week. Part of me thinks my god how can you write down a chart every week you sad bastard. The other part of me think well it was a bit of a shite thing to do but its actually quite nice to look back and jog some memories. As a song can nail down a certain time and ever room/event for me. Congratulations to The KLF on a second of what would be a 4 week stay at number one. Who would have thought I would be part of a 3 day KLF event in Liverpool 26 years later blog here and here

Take it easy pop pickers and until next weeks Faymondo Chart Show stay safe.


Fay x x x x x x x x x


Dry January, boring January, depressing January but its life thats precious.

So here we are and a drought of blog posts as my life has ground to a halt and now mainly consists of running and being in bed early at weekends so I don’t succumb the the temptation of the evil grog. Add to that no white bread and being on a calorie controlled diet January can be summed up as boring as shite. But with such evil as above comes the yin and yang. I have dropped nearly a stone this month and feel much better in health and in mind. I state now I still prefer the sausage roll and Desperados filled days of 2017. I was going to put myself up as some Barry Bethell type hero for my diet shenanigans without the need to get on the Slimfast but it seems Barry disgraced himself and fell from “Diet King” to “Nonce King” I only have one good piece of diet advice and that is always keep your fat clothes as you will always slip back into them.

Last night was our annual darts tournament. First played for in the year 2000 when I still lived with my nan and as a 26 year old we had loads of time on our hands and the tournament went on for weeks in my nans back room with Microsoft Excel used for scoring. Due to the commitments of now 40 year olds with wives and kids doing our heads in we had fallen behind a bit as darts rooms had now been converted into play rooms and free time ever shrinking but now we have Rileys in town we are on the road to catching up and last night even was the 2016 version. Times have changed and two boards now on the go each with their own iPad for electronic fingertip scoring system ! After a five year battle Mrs Fay finally let me put a dart board up in the kitchen which was the same living room that the first tournament in 2000 was held in having now been knocked through. Would the practice help ? Well 7 of us started and it was a league stage with us playing each other once. Things started well and I topped the group being unbeaten in my 6 matches (Best of 2 legs so a draw possible) The champ Kev looking for his 6th title on the run scraped into the semi finals. The semi final started well as I went one set up but I blew it and Moses came back to beat me 2-1. All eyes on the final and the champ was rarely troubled and won three sets to nil to make it 6 on the run and equal my 6 victories in total. With tournaments planned for May and September we will ba back on track in January 2019 which will be the 20th anniversary of The Eileen Roper Trophy (Named after my nan) You know you are getting old when the lads darts tournament becomes 20 years old !!!



So having just the one bottle of water playing darts and for the record I deffo play better darts somewhere in the 4-6 pints zone I got the 11.30 train home from Liverpool Central having no interest to go with a couple of the lads into town. Walking through town through the drunken noise and walking past lots of flesh on show despite the chilly January night it was a surreal experience getting the train home. As the young offload at Liverpool Central coming into town at 11.30 to start their night here was a sober 44 year old me with my plastic bag filled with my darts pouch and a trophy I hadn’t won. Being sober I didn’t even feel the need to hit The Lobster Pot (My body is a temple) I got in just after 12 and Mrs Fay was in the kitchen with a posse of school mums. The noise they made seems like they had been sucking on helium filled balloons. Sadly one of the school mums died on Thursday after a battle with cancer. She was a lovely woman who shared the same political beliefs as me so we got on very well. She leaves behind a daughter the same age as my eldest (13) and her fella is a lovely man as well. All deaths are sad but one of a person around the same age of you hits home. So I complain about a self inflicted dry January, boring January, depressing January but its life that is precious and we must soak up every moment being as happy as we can.

So I was on the Ice Skating run this morning.

Question to 13 year old.
“Who is Noel Gallagher ?”
(A) I think I know him.
(Q2) “What band was he in ?”
(A) Can’t remember but I have heard of them
(Q3) “Did you like his new album”
(A) Don’t know had one earphone in listening to my tunes.
Today’s ice skating tales. Maybe not as big as you think Mr Gallagher ?

Just a reminder I am running The London Marathon on Sunday April 22nd and running to raise monies for Millstead School I have set up a Just Giving page


Many thanks to those who have donated and if you can it really does held on those bastard 20 mile plus training runs oh and the 13.1 mile run last Sunday in the wind, rain, hail, sleet and even snow !


Fay x x x x x x x x x


New year, new me, new marathon and new fundraising.

So after a quiet new year by my standards an just having the sister in law and her bin lids around the first week of the new year has been even quieter. 2018 is a new year with new me and a new marathon. First up and 2018 will see me try and complete the London marathon. Thats assuming my achilles injury holds up. I am determined to do the London Marathon justice (and make it easier) so I have put myself on a no grog by mouth until race day. Ok I tell a bit of a pork pie and I will have two days drinking in February as our annual trip away is to Berlin this year and (A) I couldn’t miss the trip and (B) certainly not drink diet coke for 2 days !! So that means its a total of 109 days without a bevy. Not that I am counting but today is day 7 and after getting over the first test of the FA Cup Merseyside derby on Friday things are going well on the front (Looks to left and sees a very sad and underused optics rack) So thats new me. Not wanting to pile on all the pressure at once, tomorrow will see the commencement of the marathon diet (No not a diet based on Snickers bars) but no white bread, one chocolate bar a week and general good eating (Well as good as I can eat) for the next 15 weeks as I aim to lose as much weight as possible before the race. Every pound lost is one pound less I have strapped to my waist for 26 miles. So new year, new me and a new marathon.

Now this will be my third marathon and after running for Christies Hospital in Manchester and then Down Syndrome in Liverpool, this year marathon attempt will be for Millstead School in Everton. The youngest child of friends of mine Moe & Anna has cerebral palsy. Lois has cerebral palsy which effects all four limbs.  She is unable to walk or support herself and her ability to communicate is limited.  Millstead School aims to provide the very best learning and development opportunities for children like Lois who have severe learning and mobility difficulties. The school offers a personalised learning journey for each child, including sensory environments, music sessions and learning activities that focus on developing her communication and motor and decision making skills.  Lois particularly enjoys the sensory, trampoline, music and swimming sessions hosted at the school. Donations will assist the school in purchasing vital equipment and continuing to provide Lois and other children with the learning support they need and may I thank you in advance for any donations on behalf of myself, Moe and Anna.

So the all important link is Faymondo’s Just Giving

Training has been going ok with an ongoing achilles injury its been tougher than normal and I am limited in what I can do training wise but I nailed 11 miles this morning and am currently having physiotherapy on the NHS so it will be a tough old slog to the start line but with your donations it will really inspire me on those low points in training. Having no ale for the duration of training will prove just as hard as the training itself. A path over the next 15 weeks that will see if the previous two marathons are anything to go by blood, sweat and even the odd tear. If all else fails the beautiful face and smile of Lois will make me take them further steps needed and I will be all smiles and aches on April 22nd and a proud owner of a London marathon medal and then I look forward to booze, food and getting back into my “fat” Jeans.


Fay x x x x x x x x x

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