New year, new me, new marathon and new fundraising.

So after a quiet new year by my standards an just having the sister in law and her bin lids around the first week of the new year has been even quieter. 2018 is a new year with new me and a new marathon. First up and 2018 will see me try and complete the London marathon. Thats assuming my achilles injury holds up. I am determined to do the London Marathon justice (and make it easier) so I have put myself on a no grog by mouth until race day. Ok I tell a bit of a pork pie and I will have two days drinking in February as our annual trip away is to Berlin this year and (A) I couldn’t miss the trip and (B) certainly not drink diet coke for 2 days !! So that means its a total of 109 days without a bevy. Not that I am counting but today is day 7 and after getting over the first test of the FA Cup Merseyside derby on Friday things are going well on the front (Looks to left and sees a very sad and underused optics rack) So thats new me. Not wanting to pile on all the pressure at once, tomorrow will see the commencement of the marathon diet (No not a diet based on Snickers bars) but no white bread, one chocolate bar a week and general good eating (Well as good as I can eat) for the next 15 weeks as I aim to lose as much weight as possible before the race. Every pound lost is one pound less I have strapped to my waist for 26 miles. So new year, new me and a new marathon.

Now this will be my third marathon and after running for Christies Hospital in Manchester and then Down Syndrome in Liverpool, this year marathon attempt will be for Millstead School in Everton. The youngest child of friends of mine Moe & Anna has cerebral palsy. Lois has cerebral palsy which effects all four limbs.  She is unable to walk or support herself and her ability to communicate is limited.  Millstead School aims to provide the very best learning and development opportunities for children like Lois who have severe learning and mobility difficulties. The school offers a personalised learning journey for each child, including sensory environments, music sessions and learning activities that focus on developing her communication and motor and decision making skills.  Lois particularly enjoys the sensory, trampoline, music and swimming sessions hosted at the school. Donations will assist the school in purchasing vital equipment and continuing to provide Lois and other children with the learning support they need and may I thank you in advance for any donations on behalf of myself, Moe and Anna.

So the all important link is Faymondo’s Just Giving

Training has been going ok with an ongoing achilles injury its been tougher than normal and I am limited in what I can do training wise but I nailed 11 miles this morning and am currently having physiotherapy on the NHS so it will be a tough old slog to the start line but with your donations it will really inspire me on those low points in training. Having no ale for the duration of training will prove just as hard as the training itself. A path over the next 15 weeks that will see if the previous two marathons are anything to go by blood, sweat and even the odd tear. If all else fails the beautiful face and smile of Lois will make me take them further steps needed and I will be all smiles and aches on April 22nd and a proud owner of a London marathon medal and then I look forward to booze, food and getting back into my “fat” Jeans.


Fay x x x x x x x x x


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