A rewind to The ITV Chart Show Faymondo style !!!

Way back in the day (1986) there was a TV music show that started life on Channel 4 but made it to ITV in 1989. For a period I religiously tuned into to this show with my video recorder primed to tape any videos that were played from my favourite bands of the time. Every week you would get a featured chart from one of the three sub charts it ran (Dance, Indie and Rock) Some new tracks were featured and there was a top 10 countdown at the end with often different placing to the gold standard radio one chart we all followed with our tape recorders at the ready. The Chart Show features some cutting edge graphics at the time with pop up boxes giving information on groups and songs being played. Who can forget tuning in for the end of year chart show. Anyway a nerdy 15 year old me sat down with a school exercise book robbed from Calderstones School and on 4th June 1989 I penned my first top ten singles chart with the first number one being “Heylom Halib” by Capella. So began my singles (Soon to be followed by albums chart) The final singles chart was on Friday 19th September 1997. I must have thought one day after my 24th birthday what the actual fuck am I doing !! Though looking back at the charts for that year they had become sporadic mainly due to the lost weekends I was having clubbing and then being wrecked for the rest of the week. The final number one was “Sunchyme” by Dario G. I Still have all 11 books of the charts. Early book covers are like a snapshot in time with who loved who written on the front. I posted this on instagram last week much to the amusement of a few of the girls who were on the front of the book who I have not hung around with for over 25 years but due to the power of social media we are still in touch and we had a good old laugh at love from the past. I posted the initial chart of 4th June 1989 on Instagram and got laughed at but also it created a talking point. So not one to be scared of taking this piss of ones self I have decided each week I will post a chart up from a year gone by on Instagram and this got me thinking to bang out a blog. This week here on the Faymondo Chart Show we rewind 27 years ago (My god was it really that long ago) and the Faymondo Tope 10 Singles chart dated 25th January 1991.

So below are the videos that made up the charts.











So there you have it. Some magical musical memories for me. Its never gonna be the coolest chart but hope it jogs a few memories for you. If these chart blogs prove popular then I will keep posting one a week. Part of me thinks my god how can you write down a chart every week you sad bastard. The other part of me think well it was a bit of a shite thing to do but its actually quite nice to look back and jog some memories. As a song can nail down a certain time and ever room/event for me. Congratulations to The KLF on a second of what would be a 4 week stay at number one. Who would have thought I would be part of a 3 day KLF event in Liverpool 26 years later blog here and here

Take it easy pop pickers and until next weeks Faymondo Chart Show stay safe.


Fay x x x x x x x x x


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