The Opposite Ends Of Celebrating Life

So on Friday me the missus went to a funeral of a school mum who we got to know well. A lovely lady who shared many of the same political beliefs as me who got cancer 6 years ago and fought it off only for it to return last year and sadly take her life a couple of weeks ago. Funerals are sad enough but when its somebody as young as 48 it hits a nerve and also with the service taking place at the same place my mum, dad and nan got cremated that place always gets to me even driving past the bastard place. It was standing room only at the crematorium and we watched it in the foyer with sound and picture from inside being relayed to the large amount of people who could not get in. Being tall I could see right to the front of the service. It was very sad service in parts but also humerous and with a message with Alex’s sister giving an extended eulogy. This was followed by the vicar reading something Alex’s husband Geoff had composed. As a couple of songs were played the people in attendance were invited to write something on the pink heart post it notes given out and place them on Alex’s coffin. Finally a letter written by Alex herself was read out to the people in attendance. I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house at that point. It was a humorous letter and made me think I can see me doing that but it will be a final blog and hopefully not for a long time yet. There was a poignant message about the NHS in the service and how Alex would be haunting Jeremy Hunt now she is no longer here. The people outside of the service room where then invited to put their heart post it notes on the coffin. I did not realise this was the end of the service and let Mrs Fay put her heart onto the coffin and waited. Eventually I joined the queue and not having thought of anything to put on a heart I walked past the coffin placed a kiss on my hand a touched her coffin. Maybe no paper heart from me but a kiss from the heart for a lovely lady who will be sadly missed my many people and my thoughts are with Geoff and their daughter who went to the same infant and junior school as my eldest. I just cant begin to comprehend what they are going through. It was down to The Aigburth Peoples Hall for a celebration of Alex’s life and after an hour and a half I left Mrs Fay there with a few of the school mums having a drink in her memory. I made a point of going over to Geoff on my way out as he was by the exit with their dog Pippa. What do you say ? I just said take it easy and shook his hand. He thanked me for coming. I left. Only after did I find some words that I should have said to him and that should have been “No thank you Geoff. It was an honour to be there” and then “Take it easy” 48 fleeting years on the planet. I don’t know what happens post-life but back here on earth you left your mark on the people you have encountered. We will no longer put the world to rights when walking the dogs on Sudley Field but I will fight on for our NHS and your daughter will be your legacy. Take it easy Alex x x x

So on Saturday it was day 41/109 on my no ale challenge. Just one large slice of temptation in my way It was a night out for my mate Alan’s 60th birthday. After Fridays events coupled with the fact that my marathon training had got to 16 miles and I had dropped the best part of a stone and a half since Jan 1st I thought fuck it I am having a bevy and so the 108 day challenge was born (Today is now 42/108) I first met Alan when the father in law invited me on his February trip away to Gdansk with a load of teachers he worked with. Alan was one of these teachers and 10 years later after many many laughs, a few Glastonbury’s and numerous gigs we are now good friends. Born in America with a big booming cockney voice and now a naturalised UK citizen Alan has always been an adopted scouser. Me and Mrs Fay headed out early evening for a few drinks before we met the birthday boy. We grabbed a scran in Reds True Barbecue. Not a great start as we were ushered upstairs were we had to wait for a table but could have a beer that didn’t appear so it just felt like we were waiting in a top floor of a warehouse ! I ordered a plain hamburger, thats just the hamburger and the bun. Nothing else, skinny or naked as I like to say. It came out with cheese on !! Quickly replaced though with a new burger and not just scrapped of cheese I wouldn’t be standing for any of that. Having waited a bit longer than Mrs Fay I was playing catchup and lashed the ketchup on. Only bloody BBQ ketchup !! Whats all that about. Managed to get most of it off but a disaster food wise. Next time I am just going to Burger King !! The long awaited beer (Corona) wasn’t that special and we headed up to the Baltic Social for a drink and then onto The Baltic Market which had a queue to get in. Aint queuing to get in a boozer at 7pm so we went to the old Cains Brewery pub and I had a Desperados and that felt much nicer than the Corona. It was good to be back on my fave grog again. We then headed down to The Coburg where everyone was meeting and some old and new faces greeted Alan for his birthday night out. Nice pub The Coburg and it has a bit of history on tits walls. It opened in 1856 as The Transatlantic and was once ran by Robert Cain and soon changed its name to The Coburg. The latest landlord Dean has had the boozer since 1990. Alan enjoyed his birthday night and me and Mrs Fay were not too late home.

Actually Alans birthday today and as he was 60 I got him a prezzie. Don’t expect one every year !! I bought him the latest vinyl album by Nightmares On Wax called “Chase The Future” check it out its great. Alan being a man of many skills often making things so I even made him a card with a collage of pictures from the years and adventures we have had and below here I am with the birthday boy. Which one is 60 !!

So two days of emotions from complete opposite ends of the spectrum. You really do need to grab things when you can. The next blog sees a return of the infamous “A Cultural Review Of……………” and this Februarys trip is Berlin. Hopefully have that posted once I have recovered on Saturday and early in bed as its a 17 mile run on Sunday and the big final push for the 2018 London marathon.


Fay x x x x x x x x x


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