BTR 2018 Liverpool Half Marathon Review

So Saturday evening and I went through my pre race routine including making sure my nipple plasters were out. I could not even be bothered to have some pre race spaghetti hoops and instead went for hotdogs for tea ! The kids were packed off to bed early as Mrs Fay was out on the ale again. I think she is making up for my lack of drinking. It is day 81/108 no ale and yes I am now admitting to counting every second. I was tucked up in bed for 10pm and asleep not long after. Nice to be going asleep not waking up to the now traditional long Sunday run which was 21 miles last week. This sunday was a nice not so gentle half marathon as I was going for a personal best (PB) I would already be an hour down from the clocks going forward and I was crossing my fingers that when Mrs Fay fell in that (A) She wouldn’t wake me up and (B) She wouldn’t want any hows yer father as that is strictly off limits on the night before a race and come to think of it has been off limits since the birth of our third daughter ha ha. But surprise surprise she did wake me up but I went into “statue”mode and avoided the above (B) So my alarm went at 7.30 and it was a beautiful morning for a run and with a slight headwind along the waterfront for the last 4 plus miles home to keep me cool it was almost perfect running conditions. I decided to get the first train from Aigburth into town and play Merseyrail Russian Roulette but the train turned up on time and after a short walk and change into my gear I was at the start line in plenty of time.

So as you can see I plonked myself down by the 1 hour 50 marker. As the start pen filled up it soon became clear that I was surrounded by some very athletic looking people also targeting 1 hour 50 and soon the official race 1 hour 50 pace makers appeared. The plan was to see how I got on for a sub 1:50 but the main aim was for a PB which stood at 01:53:19 in 2016. So we counted down from 10. I say we but I didnt as by my own admission I am a miserable runner. Having weaned myself off earphones whilst running I still prefer to run alone and in my zone. It was soon clear that the 01:50 pace maker was going to be a happy clappy affair. Great for most people but not for Meldrew Fay so I tucked in just behind and has a quick chat to a fella who was after 01:50. It soon became clear going up the only big hill that keeping up with 01:50 was going to be a struggle so I let them go ahead a bit knowing I had 3 mins to lose from them and still get a PB. So into Sefton Park and I was starting to catch up the 01:50 or “one fiddy”crew and things were going OK. But as quick as I caught them up they extended their lead again. Over half way and down into Otterspool I prepared myself for the mental slog that is the 4 mile plus home stretch. One year this was into winds of 40mph and driving rain this year it was sunny and a slight breeze so I thought fuck it enjoy the last bit and a PB would be on. I got to 10 miles and soon realised my GPS watch was a bit out and that I was running a bit better than I thought. It was at this point my marathon training come into its own and I thought I have got this in me lets up the pace. So off I went to attack the course. One mile to go and I could see the 01:50 pacer coming close to me. Negotiating the cobbles by The Albert Dock I kicked for home like Steve Ovett (Who wants to be Seb Coe !!!) I left the 01:50 pacer for dead and belted around the home corners in front of the crowd like a knob head but this would be my one shot at a time like this as I will never be fitter or slimmer again in my life. Pulling all kinds of mad faces I crossed the line and the official time was 01:46:40. Wow I was more than chuffed with that. I got my bling and then achieved my biggest achievement in running yet. The XL top that you get for finishing actually fitted me for there first time after a race ever since I started running in 2011. From my first Liverpool Half Marathon in 2013 completed in 02:15:12 as a near 18 stone pie arse the 16 stone 2018 pie arse light version of me had now chalked off nearly 30 mins from that time.


On checking the full results I even managed to nab the position as top Fay from my non relations. My final position of 1197 means any Olympic dreams are over but now its all eyes to the London Marathon on April 22nd with two more long runs to nail before that and I am gonna finish my season with the Liverpool Marathon. So Mrs Fay picked me up at the finish and she wasn’t too bad after her night out. She told me she was telling her taxi driver on the way home about me running  for a the charity and reason I picked that charity (Millstead School) and as she went to pay he said “Knock £4 of the fare love and donate it to your fellas cause” which I duly have. That brings it perfectly around to the charity plug and the page link is below if you can spare the minimum £2 donation they all add up and I am closing in on my trader of £1000.

Normally I would now be cracking a beer open but I am an athlete (No honestly I am) I am resisting the very large temptation this first summertimes evening of the year. Instead I will walk the dogs and have an early night and one last look at the new medal on my wall and I will get sent an extra medal for a PB next week. Wish me luck on these last two long runs and then a wind down to London itself. More boring running blogs to come but rest assured my life will be back with me soon along with the demon grog and my “fat” pants are handily placed on top of the wardrobe to bang back on after the summer BBQ season.


Fay x x x x x x x x x


My debut on Capital FM Liverpool

So no blogs for some time now this is because my life has become one long training run. After a few days off back on the grog in February to go to Berlin the London Marathon training has intensified and I have become an alcohol free hermit. Today is day 79/108 with no ale, not that I am counting and the London Marathon is less than a month away. Early last Sunday morning I headed off in sub zero temperatures with snow flurries and a bitter easterly wind that made it feel like -4c and I was praying to the lord I had remembered my nipple plasters to avoid the excruciating pain that is joggers nipple which is only just below a footy in the bollocks and manflu on the male scale of pain. Over 3 and a half hours later and with a head feeling like I had permanent “ice cream” head I was home and 21 miles were in the bank after an interesting random run up through Netherley out into the sticks and using the force I ended up in Hale for the slog home. Touch wood marathon training is going great and ahead of schedule and I have managed to drop two stone in weight since January and now my posh scales when I step on them no longer say “One at a time” but “Good morning fat bastard” That brings me to this weekend and a rest week in training and The Liverpool Half Marathon (Get on me doing half marathons on a rest week) I tweeted that I was going to go shit or bust for a PB (1 hours 50) and this was picked up by Capital FM Liverpool who wanted to do an interview about The Liverpool Half Marathon. Being a social media whore having been on Radio City as my alter ego jarg Twitter weatherman @liverpoolweath and often used by The Liverpool Echo online for weather purposes I thought it would be a laugh to go on Capital FM Liverpool and it would impress my three daughters as the stations demographic is more aimed at them. So I spoke to my agent and committed to a pre record only as I didn’t want to go live and get stitched up as a tit (Not that hard to achieve) As it happens the pre record was “as live” sadly I didn’t manage to get an audio of it but the segment consisted of the gang (I think thats what all the cool kids call the breakfast presenting team) asking me to rate various half marathon chants for me out of 10. So I went along with it and voted the piss take one with high vote. So around 7.50 this morning I made my debut on Capital FM Liverpool. I am that old that when I were a lad Capital was called Crash FM but I digress. So Mrs Fay and my three daughters huddled around the radio they listen to my interview whilst I listened in from another room. Once finished I came into the kitchen and offered some autographs for the kids and was prepared to pose for some selfies. With an early finish in work next up this morning was to take Mrs Fay on a 6 mile run in another guise of mine AKA The 16 stone personal trainer as heard on Liverpools hit radio station Capital FM. So like all famous celebrities that go on health kicks my agent is still in negotiation to release The Faymondo Fitness DVD but the cover is already designed and it would have been rude not to use a before and after picture to show the results of my hard work since January 1st with no ale, limited white bread and lots and lots of running. I can confirm that I will be appearing at Sayers on Allerton Road at 1pm on Saturday followed by an appearance at Greggs in Liverpool Central 2.30pm and The Original Lobster Pot at 4pm and will be happy to sign sausage roll bags and pose for pictures.


Like all good celebs I don’t like to mention my charidee work but I am running for Millstead school as friends of mine have a daughter with cerebral palsy and am on the way to my revised (Upwards thanks to massive generosity) total of £1000

Right back to normality and the radio is dialled back into Radio 4 as its time for The Shipping Forecast.


Fay x x x x x x x x x



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