29th May 1985 vs 2019

29th May 1985. I was 12. I had rushed home from senior school and changed into my European Cup t-shirt had my LFC sweatbands on and a trusty Liverpool hat. I would have then got my sponge footy out and then played the European Cup final in my back garden ensuring that Liverpool came out victorious. It was then time to have tea on the patio which was sausages roll, chips and beans and it would have been that last hour before the match coverage was due to start on the television that seemed to last an eternity. I remember the match being delayed and then seeing some footage. I knew that people had died but its something a 12 year old mind cant get his head around and amazingly the match went ahead. I remember being a bit down that Liverpool didn’t win. A dodgy penalty but in reality it mattered not one fucking bit. Fast forward to 29th May 2018 now age 43 and the whole horror of that night I fully understand. My thoughts are with the families involved and not much more needs to be said around the dark stain on Liverpools history. 39 lives wasted, many many more affected as the memorial stone says “In memoria e Amicizia”

29th May 2018 and with the weather still nice I finished work early and went for a nice walk around Sefton Park. After listening to one general sports podcast and three footballs podcasts there wasn’t much more to say over Saturdays final and as the opening paragraph of this blog shows it is after all only a game. Anyway walking around the lake in Sevvy Park there were two fella’s about 50 who were sitting off on the grass bank overlooking the lake. Fella 1 “40 years I have known yer” Fella 2 ” I don’t do selfies” Fella 1 ” Come on la” and then takes a photograph Fella 2 “Giz a look. Told you I don’t do selfies its shite” It’s great walking around Sefton Park in the sunshine. It is however mad that I do not remember any summers from my younger days. I just remember life was clubbing Thursday to Saturday. Bed on Sunday after the final sit off finished. Come Wednesday I was back alive and all ready get back on on Thursday night. Now I appreciate a lovely sunny day walking in one of the greatest parks in the world. With age comes wisdom. I do remember a day in Sevvy Park back in 1990 when I ripped my beloved Soul II Soul t-shirt climbing down from a tree. 1990 the start of it all now an amazing 28 years ago. In 28 years time I will be 72 !! I will be made up just to have the ability to walk around Sevvy Park but on the plus side my Soul II Soul t-shirt wont be getting ripped. Thats assuming I am still here.

So the sights were out in Sefton Park and just the you think one of the “lids” having his hands down his black trackie bottoms is bad then today in the glorious sunshine of Sefton Park a “lid” was pulling off the same hand trick but down his shorts with his top off. That was bordering being a sexual offence ! Speaking of sexual offenders once I reached Aigburth Vale a young scally got off the 60 bus and asked “Excuse me do you know where the fair is” (Nice manners though) I replied “Do I fucking look like a nonce” of course I didn’t I gave him detailed route and told him it was about 15 mins away. A mad memory of a fair came flooding back to me and I think it was one in Carlisle and “London Nights” by The London Boys was blaring out. It was one of my first tastes of freedom and I thought I had arrived and to be honest finding the music of The London Boys I probably had. Sadly The London Boys are no longer with us after dying in a car crash in 1996 and I confess to having their album on cassette in the loft. Haven’t quite got around to getting it on vinyl yet.


Fay x x x x x x x x x


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