Fundraising review. Thank you all so very very much x x

So for non regular readers of this mighty fine blog you will not know that the first part of the year was taken up with training for the London marathon. This escalated into a three marathon challenge and Manchester was before and Liverpool after. Anyway illness meant it was just a half marathon for Liverpool but Manchester was completed BLOG HERE and so was London BLOG HERE To spur me on during those tough training moments I decided I was going to run for charity and with a friend of ours having a daughter the lovely Lois who has cerebral palsy which effects all four limbs. She is unable to walk or support herself and her ability to communicate is limited. Millstead School aims to provide the very best learning and development opportunities for children like Lois who have severe learning and mobility difficulties. The school offers a personalised learning journey for each child, including sensory environments, music sessions and learning activities that focus on developing her communication and motor and decision making skills. Lois particularly enjoys the sensory, trampoline, music and swimming sessions hosted at the school. Donations would assist the school in purchasing vital equipment and continuing to provide Lois and other children with the learning support they need.

As I write this with temperatures nudging 27c it seems along way from the training days of -2c with a windchill of nearer -10c as a couple of “The beasts from the east” hit the UK last winter. It was during some of these runs that the challenge of running for charity really helps you along knowing that you are going to do some good when my legs and freezing fat face was telling me to go home. The training went perfect as did Manchester with the heat of London (The hottest London marathon on record) adding its own problems but I achieved the goal I set myself. Fund-raising wise I had set myself a goal of £500 for the school. So as my running season ended and the fundraising page closed I emailed the school and asked if when I came in to hand the cheque over could I have a quick look around the school. The reply was great. Not only could I have a tour of the school I was asked to present the sports day medals for the kids.

So I headed in on Friday to the school and was taken on a tour around the class rooms and the amazing facilities the school has such as sensory rooms, its own swimming room and a great canteen/space for the kids. Not forgetting the outdoor area and to be honest there was a lot to take in on one visit. I wasn’t expecting the school to be so big and the number of staff involved on a day to day basis. I popped into a classroom and some of the kids were telling me on how they had been to Liverpool FC to see a game (The club is brilliant with them) It was then into the hall for the sports day presentation with classes adopting countries and performing a closing ceremony before me and my mate (Moses) who’s child attends the school gave each class their sports days medals. At least there wasn’t a George Osborne 2012 Olympic moment and I wasn’t boo’d and it was quite the opposite and I was made very welcome by all the staff and children I met. I even asked for a medal for myself as you can see in the picture below my wall of fame is ever growing with a total of 47 medals over the last few years. Today I added number 48 and if I am honest the pleasure I got from handing out those medals and some of the looks on the children faces makes the 48th medal the most special one of my collection.

So after Just Giving took their cut and I added on the monies I was passed cash in hand the final total raised for Millstead School was £1562.55 That is mind-blowing to me and thank you all very so much from the bottom of my heart. It makes the efforts of the last few months worth it. From friends and family to people connected with the school and even many donations from random followers of my @Liverpoolweath account on Twitter its a great total and one the school will put to so many good things. The school will be inviting me back again to show me what was purchased. I have said no more marathons but maybe when I am 50 in 2023 I will run the New York marathon and do some fundraising again for the school. Maybe it will go viral and I will raise enough for a whole wing to be named after me ha ha. Still feel like I missed out on a trick not having one of those giants cheques you see on Children In need though.

So thanks to Millstead school for inviting me in and to all those who donated and gave me well wishes when training etc. I have had a post marathon blow out month of June and its time to cut down the beer and munchies and get back on it. Though I have retired from full marathons (This is now the third time I have said that !!!! )


Fay x x x x x x x x x


World Cup Fever #Itscominghome (My Arse) Memories 82-14

Wake me up is it over ? It is and the “easy” path to the world cup opens up. I love the World Cup and class this as my 10th world cup as my earliest memories are from Espana 82 and its mascot which I thought was Pedro The orange but apparently its Naranjito. I remember my mum buying The England World Cup squad picture disc 7″ single “This time we’ll get it right” its 2018 and still no sign of getting it right. There is a big Scouse not English movement on Liverpool. Well I love the world cup and I support England. I have for as long as I remember been hanging a flag out of the window. That said I am not overly arsed when we get beat. Vague memories of watching the final with my dad in the front room as we had an extra TV rented for a month but they had not come to collect it on time so it stayed for the final. My auld man must not have had any faith in England getting a free trial rental for a month. The TV even had Teletext on but alas it went back and teletext didnt arrive in the Fay household until the late 80’s. Oh and England went out in some strange 2nd group phase but who didn’t love the Tango españa ball.

Mexico 86 and memories from that include a free wall chart and stickers from the local Cellar 5 off licence. My mum was in there that often buying vodka and 20 Craven A that I had wall charts coming out of my ears and had numerous sponge footy world cups in my back garden. As for the footy its laying down on the couch watching Maradona have us off and a spirited comeback but just not enough. I also remember some strange shadow on the Azteca pitch which I believe was just shadows from a speaker system ? Watched the final with my dad in ours.

Italia 90. Well 1990 the best year of my life and the best world cup of my life. I had broken up from school for my GCSE’s and it was a summer to remember. Those Italian TV graphics stick in my mind. As for England well I watched the match in my sisters with my then girlfriend as I was looking after my nephew. After shouting at the TV “Shilton wont get near any of these” I was proved right and went for a walk around the block as we got beat on penalties and then most probably came back into the house and tried to get past first base with my girlfriend. A second defeat of the evening. Didnt watch the final and played footy with my mates instead on “The Oldies” a nursing home on Victoria Road/Aigburth Vale now flats though the trees that we used for goals survived.

USA 94  Big holiday to Faliraki with about 20 of us and we would be there for the final. Living the dream oh that ended up being the one we didnea qualify for. So remember watching some matches around midnight which was boss. Diana Ross missed a sitter and watched the final in Georges bar in Falaraki. Aldo had a kick off and thats all I can remember.

France 98. Opening game Brazil v Scotland and I watched it in a bar in Times Square New York. I remember having to get uo at breakfast for an England Game. Watched England get beat on penalties by The Argies in Slaters. Bouncer turned the TV off when Owen made it 2-1 saying no throwing ale when we score (Fair shout as I have never got that) but a riot was on the cards and he quickly put the TV back on shitting himself. Was working for Ladbrokes at the time so I was getting paid to watch games. Just watched the final in my nans house where I was living at the time (Now our house)

South Korea & Japan 02. Weird times but I then worked for Liverpool City Council and they had set up a TV room as long as you logged off work for lunch. I also remember a giant screen in Williamson Square. England got beat by Brazil and you thought Shilton was poor then Seaman kept the tradition going. Watched it at about 06:30 am in a pub in Aigburth Vale. At the end of the match the chokka pub virtually emptied and me and my mates had booked a day off work so stayed on the ale. I remember playing jingles early afternoon, going the bookies about 3pm and being unable to write anything that was possible to read on a betting slip and waiting for Steves chippy to open at 4.30pm to have chips and go to bed after 10 hours on the ale. I brought my nan some surprise chips and and the next day she said I was pissed and telling her how much I love her. At least I am a lover not a fighter. Actually moved house in with my future Mrs on the final weekend and watched the final on a fuzzy colour portable TV !!

Germany 06. Even though not that long ago mot many fond memories of this. I was in The Walkabout (Why ??) when England crashed out on penalties and the winking Ronaldo. I watched the final with my dad in a sports bar on Sir Thomas Street when Zidane does his thing.

South Africa 2010 marked the return of me collecting Panini Stickers again via my eldest daughter and yes I completed the album. As for memories I was at my first Glastonbury festival and England Played Germany. What a moment I thought if we won and with all those people. Anyway Germany twatted us and as my tent was near in the end I just ended up listening to the lat bit. Just to take the piss a bit more I missed Ray Davies (Kinks), Slash and Dr John for that shite. Just watched the final in ours memorable for Howard Webb shitting a red card. Oh and Spain won a team I had been betting on since 1990 when I had to pretend I was 18 in my local William Hills when popping out on lunch from School (I was 16) but being a manboy I was fine and still down on Spain despite this win !

Brasil 2014 and another full Panini album. Ahh Roy Hodgson as a Liverpool fan I knew what was coming and he got an extension !! I need his agent to get this blog known worldwide. Only memory is falling asleep watching the Brazil v Germany match on my bed on the iPad and waking up and it was 7-0 !! I assume I watched the final in ours. Funny on how closer the world cup is the more my memory goes ?

So that it 2018 to be wrote but on checking how much my 7″ picture disc vinyl of the 1982 England World Cup Squad song ‘This time we’ll get it right” is worth (About £1) I stumbled across the album “This time” you tube video below. I thought Diamond Lights was Glenn Hoddle’s first venture into music but check out 08:38 “We are the champions” by Glen Hoddle was. Ray Clemance tells the story of “The Road To Spain” at 20:02. But the highlight lowlight is at 24:00 with Viv Anderson & Trevor Francis with a rendition of “You’ll Never Walk Alone” wow. I am gonna have to get a copy of this for my vinyl collection though imagine what the neighbours would think when I am blasting it out whilst working.

Random thought for the day “France’s Macron brings back national service and you have to put a Bakewell Tart on yer head”



Fay x x x x x x x x x



My Fantasy Glastonbury 2018

So today Glastonbury would have kicked off for real if it wasn’t for it being a fallow year and we all have eyes on a Sunday in October for the great Glastonbury 2019 ticket hunt. Trying not to worry about it at the end of the day if its not on its not on. But there is a giant hole in the beginning of my summer and the weather gods have been great this year with a dry run up and what would have been a dry festival itself. So I decided to fo my fantasy Glastonbury. Now before you all go no Pink Floyd it is bands I like or ones I would like to see live. I missed out on the getting stoned listening to Pink Floyd as a teenager phase so they aint playing. I decided to limit it to four stages and that was tough enough. I have no doubt missed out some glaring errors. I got to the end and double checked my iTunes, spotify playlists and vinyl collection and I had missed out David Bowie !! So here it is for you to argue and laugh about.





West Holts

John Peel

The Beatles

Daft Punk

Michael Jackson

Massive Attack

Bob Marley

Stone Roses



Neil Diamond

Pet Shop Boys

Solomon Burke

Publice Service Broadcasting

Jools Holland


Donna Summer

Imelda May

Norah Jones

Charles Bradley

Pink Martini

The Milk


The Christians

Baby Huey



David Bowie

The Jam








Johnny Cash

Earth Wind & Fire

Fun Lovin Criminals


The Shamen

Grace Jones


Cat Stevens

Paul Heaton & Jacqui Abbott

Soul II Soul


Sheryl Crow


Stan Getz

Smoove & Turrell


The Clash



Plan B



Chemical Brothers


Guns N Roses

The Farm

Ray Charles

Django Django




Nick Drake

Seasick Steve


Dr John

Stereo MC’s

Deacon Blue

Tea Street Band

Terence Tent D’arby


So there we have it and many big names left out but if they are not on my playlists then no slot.  Artists that came close were Madness, Otis Redding, The KLF (Though did they ever play live ?) Eric Bibb, Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Lionel Ritchie, Elton John, George Michael, Eminem and a few smaller artists Louis Berry, The Lucid Dream and local lad Ali Ingle to name a few. I decided that you could only appear once E.G no Beatles and John Lennon separate. So the closest I get to Glastonbury is next weekend a friend of ours is holding her annual Garstonbury in her back garden in Garston. Normally at the real thing so have not been to a Garstonbury before. Will I rock up in my festival gear ? Will I let myself get as trollied as I do in Glastonbury ? Hmmm not sure I can let my hair down that much. Such is the magic of Glastonbury I can be myself there and dont feel out of place. Anyway if I make a twat of myself at Garstonbury I will be sure to blog about it.

I will leave you with a few pictures of Glastonbury 2010 to 2017 and look forward to being back down on the farm in 2019.

So a flavour of the 7 Glastonbury Festivals I have been to (Click on an image for a larger version) So many highlights and some lowlights. My eldest daughter who was 12 came with us last year (She was free) and wants to come in 2019 (Will have to pay full whack for her) so thats a no.


Fay x x x x x x x x x

A retirement announcement

So after two 5k’s, two 10k’s, two half marathons and two marathons the running season closes in a fortnight with The Port Sunlight 10k. If you add the training on top of the races thats nearly 600 miles since the start of November. Its been a long old slog and come the end I was near to breaking point. Well what a relief it was on Wednesday to finally be playing footy again. It was my first game since September when I limped off with an achilles tendonitis injury. Playing in my old school gym at Calderstones School it was time to show off my new fitness levels and be like Jan Molby but on speed. All going well and 7 mins in I feel a pain in my achilles. Surely fucking not. Surely fucking was. An injury I first picked up in June 2017 rested over the summer for it to go second game back in September and then rested again and all that running went Ok it was quite obvious that the achilles tendonitis injury was not up the the strains of football. Luckily I was kept on at the specialist to see how I was after all my marathon running and I tried playing footy again so I see him next Friday to see what can be done but discussions last time hinted I would have to stop all exercise to fix it or stop playing footy. It was with a sad heart that on Twitter at 08:05pm On Wednesday May 30th I announced my retirement from all forms of football. It wasn’t long before the Sky Sports news breaking news ticker picked up on the news. I had to take the dogs our for a walk. One dog didn’t want to go past the end of the street so I limped around the block in the pouring rain with the other dog. What an end to a glorious career. I consoled myself by having a chippy tea but had to drive the 5 min walk to the chippy.

(Lifted from Wikipedia) Neil George Fay born in Mill Road hospital, Liverpool on September 18th 1973. He first started playing for Sudley Juniors B team in 1982 (Age 9) as a centre forward. The team won the South Liverpool schools league but got beat in the city final.  1983 seen promotion to the A Team and was breaking records as a striker due to his technical skills and ability Mainly because he was a man boy and could hit the ball very hard for my age. Again the South Liverpool league title was won and this time defeat in the semi finals on penalties. Young Fay had burst down the right wing and unselfishly squared the ball to the substitute at 1-1. Sadly due to only having 10 outfield tops the sub still had his top half over his head and missed. Next up was Sunday League and a debut for Aigburth Peoples Hall under 12’s. Progressing to the under 13’s that season he lost a cup final played at the old South Liverpool ground (Is he unluckier than Klopp ? ) a second final that season seen him come on at half time and help win the cup for Aigburth Peoples Hall. History will say Aigburth Peoples Hall won but it wont say that at half time the keeper was playing worse than Karuis so on came “Big Fay” and kicking down the hill “Man Boy’s” punts helped them win The Tim Fortescue cup final. I was to be the last thing Fay won and to top if off when he was older he found out that Tim Fortescue was was the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Liverpool Garstonfrom 1966 to 1974. Needless to say the trophy I won stays in the loft tainted by being a Tory trophy. Might as well be sponsored by The Sun as well to heap evil upon it. Fay ended up playing against a young Robbie Ryder a few years younger than him. Ryder scored five and my dad said he will make it him and he did as Robbie Fowler. Sadly Fay’s contract was not extended for The Aigburth Peoples Hall under 14’s as he was deemed not good enough for the squad ?? So he ended up playing for the under 15’s instead (Work that one out) The next highlight in Fay’s career was playing for Calderstones School under 18’s and getting beat in the city final played at Mellwood. Next up a small spell with Fullwood FC and his Rudi Voller moment getting a red card for spitting and a 3 month ban due to the AIDS fear at the time. The chance of a shag at 16 would have been great never mind catching AIDS. The ban was reduced to 28 days on appeal and was a shameful moment in Fay’s history. A few years later and Fay signed for the newly formed Sudley FC scoring their first ever goal played at Netherley Comp and we all had white t-shirts on as we were awaiting a kit. As Sudley morphed into The Inglenook FC they never got near winning anything and Fay was now building a reputation for his off field activities at The 051, Cream and Garlands. Highlights from his sunday league years were scoring from a corner when being told to shoot (It was windy) and scoring a penalty as a goalkeeper. Two more red cards followed in this spell card 2 was when in goal he wiped out a striker about 35 yards out when it was one on one and 2-2 in the game. Sudley went onto win the cup match 3-2 and the club paid his fine. A third and final red card was when 3-0 down he thought he would get his team going and hit somebody late to gee the team up. A bit too late and a straight red. the team lost about 7-0 but Fay missed a second half Monsoon staying dry in The Sudley Field Changies. Indeed Fay never missed a penalty in his first class career ending up about 15/15. Ending his career in his late 20’s to focus on overtime in work Fay’s last highlight was to be selected for The Liverpool Council Housing Benefit team to play the Council Tax section mainly because he was an auld arlarse who would stay at the back and let the skilful young ones do the running. Into his 30’s and the odd charity game and indoor and astro games the curtain finally came down on his career age 44 and 7months due to a persistent achilles injury ironically when he was at his most fittest he had ever been in his life.  Below is young Fay in the Sudley Juniors B Team photo.



Back Row (Lowe, Drakely (Now a Tory Councillor) Roberts, Big Fay, Wignell, Finch, Norcott, Deane)

Front Row (Lloyd, Houghton, Bradley, Ashton, Hughes)

As the tributes poured in on Wednesday night after only 30 mins after my retirement announcement I had received two offers t be a pundit for the Liverpool Zingari league and an endorsement offer from Sayers. The match report from my final game gave me 8/10 as despite having one leg I still scored 6 goals and we won. Already skint I will be auctioning off my signed Adidas Astro’s and also selling my Tim Fortescue cup final winning trophy. Perhaps I can sell it to a rich Tory ? Sadly on Thursday the news broke that Frank Lampard has beaten me to the managerial job at Derby County. This means I am still manager of Stoke City on Football Manager on the iPad in The Championship in 2023/24.

Highlight marrying the Sudley FC managers daughter !! Scoring 3 for Sudley Juniors vs St Michaels on my birthday and a few weeks later scoring 5 against Booker Avenue.

Lowlights getting sent off for spitting and not shooting when the kid had his top half on in the semi.

I loved playing footy. Perhaps walking footy is the future for me though many pundits have said i have been playing waling footy since around 1998 !

Here is The B team after defeat in the City Final. A picture tainted in sadness as the young boy on the left with blonde hair is Phil Hammond who sadly lost his life at Hillsborough age 13. He was a year below in school but a good player and often played for our teams up front with me. The Gym at Calderstones where I played my last game is called The Phillip Hammond gym. Rest In Peace mate x


Fay x x x x x x x x x

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