A retirement announcement

So after two 5k’s, two 10k’s, two half marathons and two marathons the running season closes in a fortnight with The Port Sunlight 10k. If you add the training on top of the races thats nearly 600 miles since the start of November. Its been a long old slog and come the end I was near to breaking point. Well what a relief it was on Wednesday to finally be playing footy again. It was my first game since September when I limped off with an achilles tendonitis injury. Playing in my old school gym at Calderstones School it was time to show off my new fitness levels and be like Jan Molby but on speed. All going well and 7 mins in I feel a pain in my achilles. Surely fucking not. Surely fucking was. An injury I first picked up in June 2017 rested over the summer for it to go second game back in September and then rested again and all that running went Ok it was quite obvious that the achilles tendonitis injury was not up the the strains of football. Luckily I was kept on at the specialist to see how I was after all my marathon running and I tried playing footy again so I see him next Friday to see what can be done but discussions last time hinted I would have to stop all exercise to fix it or stop playing footy. It was with a sad heart that on Twitter at 08:05pm On Wednesday May 30th I announced my retirement from all forms of football. It wasn’t long before the Sky Sports news breaking news ticker picked up on the news. I had to take the dogs our for a walk. One dog didn’t want to go past the end of the street so I limped around the block in the pouring rain with the other dog. What an end to a glorious career. I consoled myself by having a chippy tea but had to drive the 5 min walk to the chippy.

(Lifted from Wikipedia) Neil George Fay born in Mill Road hospital, Liverpool on September 18th 1973. He first started playing for Sudley Juniors B team in 1982 (Age 9) as a centre forward. The team won the South Liverpool schools league but got beat in the city final.  1983 seen promotion to the A Team and was breaking records as a striker due to his technical skills and ability Mainly because he was a man boy and could hit the ball very hard for my age. Again the South Liverpool league title was won and this time defeat in the semi finals on penalties. Young Fay had burst down the right wing and unselfishly squared the ball to the substitute at 1-1. Sadly due to only having 10 outfield tops the sub still had his top half over his head and missed. Next up was Sunday League and a debut for Aigburth Peoples Hall under 12’s. Progressing to the under 13’s that season he lost a cup final played at the old South Liverpool ground (Is he unluckier than Klopp ? ) a second final that season seen him come on at half time and help win the cup for Aigburth Peoples Hall. History will say Aigburth Peoples Hall won but it wont say that at half time the keeper was playing worse than Karuis so on came “Big Fay” and kicking down the hill “Man Boy’s” punts helped them win The Tim Fortescue cup final. I was to be the last thing Fay won and to top if off when he was older he found out that Tim Fortescue was was the Conservative Member of Parliament (MP) for Liverpool Garstonfrom 1966 to 1974. Needless to say the trophy I won stays in the loft tainted by being a Tory trophy. Might as well be sponsored by The Sun as well to heap evil upon it. Fay ended up playing against a young Robbie Ryder a few years younger than him. Ryder scored five and my dad said he will make it him and he did as Robbie Fowler. Sadly Fay’s contract was not extended for The Aigburth Peoples Hall under 14’s as he was deemed not good enough for the squad ?? So he ended up playing for the under 15’s instead (Work that one out) The next highlight in Fay’s career was playing for Calderstones School under 18’s and getting beat in the city final played at Mellwood. Next up a small spell with Fullwood FC and his Rudi Voller moment getting a red card for spitting and a 3 month ban due to the AIDS fear at the time. The chance of a shag at 16 would have been great never mind catching AIDS. The ban was reduced to 28 days on appeal and was a shameful moment in Fay’s history. A few years later and Fay signed for the newly formed Sudley FC scoring their first ever goal played at Netherley Comp and we all had white t-shirts on as we were awaiting a kit. As Sudley morphed into The Inglenook FC they never got near winning anything and Fay was now building a reputation for his off field activities at The 051, Cream and Garlands. Highlights from his sunday league years were scoring from a corner when being told to shoot (It was windy) and scoring a penalty as a goalkeeper. Two more red cards followed in this spell card 2 was when in goal he wiped out a striker about 35 yards out when it was one on one and 2-2 in the game. Sudley went onto win the cup match 3-2 and the club paid his fine. A third and final red card was when 3-0 down he thought he would get his team going and hit somebody late to gee the team up. A bit too late and a straight red. the team lost about 7-0 but Fay missed a second half Monsoon staying dry in The Sudley Field Changies. Indeed Fay never missed a penalty in his first class career ending up about 15/15. Ending his career in his late 20’s to focus on overtime in work Fay’s last highlight was to be selected for The Liverpool Council Housing Benefit team to play the Council Tax section mainly because he was an auld arlarse who would stay at the back and let the skilful young ones do the running. Into his 30’s and the odd charity game and indoor and astro games the curtain finally came down on his career age 44 and 7months due to a persistent achilles injury ironically when he was at his most fittest he had ever been in his life.  Below is young Fay in the Sudley Juniors B Team photo.



Back Row (Lowe, Drakely (Now a Tory Councillor) Roberts, Big Fay, Wignell, Finch, Norcott, Deane)

Front Row (Lloyd, Houghton, Bradley, Ashton, Hughes)

As the tributes poured in on Wednesday night after only 30 mins after my retirement announcement I had received two offers t be a pundit for the Liverpool Zingari league and an endorsement offer from Sayers. The match report from my final game gave me 8/10 as despite having one leg I still scored 6 goals and we won. Already skint I will be auctioning off my signed Adidas Astro’s and also selling my Tim Fortescue cup final winning trophy. Perhaps I can sell it to a rich Tory ? Sadly on Thursday the news broke that Frank Lampard has beaten me to the managerial job at Derby County. This means I am still manager of Stoke City on Football Manager on the iPad in The Championship in 2023/24.

Highlight marrying the Sudley FC managers daughter !! Scoring 3 for Sudley Juniors vs St Michaels on my birthday and a few weeks later scoring 5 against Booker Avenue.

Lowlights getting sent off for spitting and not shooting when the kid had his top half on in the semi.

I loved playing footy. Perhaps walking footy is the future for me though many pundits have said i have been playing waling footy since around 1998 !

Here is The B team after defeat in the City Final. A picture tainted in sadness as the young boy on the left with blonde hair is Phil Hammond who sadly lost his life at Hillsborough age 13. He was a year below in school but a good player and often played for our teams up front with me. The Gym at Calderstones where I played my last game is called The Phillip Hammond gym. Rest In Peace mate x


Fay x x x x x x x x x


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