Happy 9th Birthday Faymondo’s Blog — Garstonbury 2018

So here we are 9 years after my first blog LINK HERE I am still churning this bollocks out and people are still reading it. People subscribe to it and most amazingly people give me nice feedback about the blog so on it goes. To think I was in my mid 30’s when I started writing this thing and now I am hurtling towards my mid 40’s. The years have seen deaths, births and divorces though not me. Well not yet but my love of The World Cup is testing things as I have hardly missed a bit of it and England progressing means another session on the ale. Today Holly my youngest I completed my 2018 Panini World Cup album to add to the full collections of World Cups and Euro’s since 2010. My world cup wall chart is getting updated nearly as soon as the games finish and this year I have been doing my own world cup with the youngest using the soccer dice though England have been already knocked out in that one and just like the real tournament it wont be coming home. Last night I was in a boozer up in Woolton (The Cobden) to watch a poor England side progress to the quarter finals and now meet another poor side in Sweden. I was made up England won though mostly to satisfy the alcoholic in me as it means another session on the ale on Saturday and who doesn’t love a bevy in this heat. I might of has enough last night as after only my third bevy the barman had got my order in and not got mine. I said “And a bottle of Merrydown as well please mate” as he then just looked at me like I had arrived off a spaceship from Mars. After an akward pause the felt like years it dawned on me that Merrydown (Cider) was a drink I used to get pissed on 30 year ago down Otterspool Prom and it was actually a Magners I wanted. Maybe that was my brain saying a week on the ale and you need to lay off it son. Things are going a bit insane in my life as yesterday we had a 4th birthday party for the dog and my 13 year old daughter has finally come down from her loft and actually speak and not grunt to Mrs Fay though sadly any advantage from this new development is fully offset by the fact they are watching Love Island together.

So the blog’s birthday was actually yesterday but the dog hogged all celebrations so a delayed celebratory post this evening. Expecting to be hung over today I had booked a day off work but actually only had about 6 pints. So I walked the dogs early before the crazy heatwave we are having kicked in with its full effect. I then had a lovely walk down Otterspool and had a breakfast outside in the sunshine and then went to the gym which I joined on Monday. As it was hot I went down to the gym in full running gear as its light and comfy to wear. When signing up the woman said are you going straight in to which I replied “Nah signing up is enough effort for one day and I need to be back for the evening footy match and finish off the bottle of vodka I have before the health kick starts” Anyway another sign was presented to me as when filling in the membership form I completed my name as Mr Fat. She pointed this out to me as she was about to give me my membership card and asked if I wanted to change it. I did tell her really that should be inspiration for me to not change it but come back in three months time and ask for it to be updated to Mr Thin but as there is no chance of that happening so Mr Fay will do. So I done about an hours cardio today in my first visit to the gym for 10 years. I would like to say it was great but it wasn’t.

The weekends highlight was a friends party names “Garstonbury” and no expense was spared and I spared my liver no expense. Dancing in the garden to “Billie Jean” at 2m on a balmy summers evening is always good. As you can see by the way the pictures are going its a case of what went on in Garstonbury stays in Garstonbury.


Final thought for the day and today I woke up with the news of kids killing kids. What the fuck is going on ? Where is all this heading ? Grim very fucking grim !!

So the observant amomgs you will notice as we enter the 10th year of the blog and extra kiss is added to the sign off and the blog has a new look. Thanks for reading and here is to year 10 of this shite.



x x x x x x x x x x


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