Congratulations Croatia. It was never coming home and swinging tales. I just went home.

So thats it just over 4 and a half weeks on the ale is over. The world cup has finished and congratulations to our champions Croatia. I say Croatia as alongside the world cup I have used a trusty excel sheet (Well numbers as I am a Mac snob) world cup wall chart and played my now infamous soccer dice version of the 2018 world cup. England were well more like England and got knocked out in the final 16 by Poland and lets be honest real England were not much better but with a lucky draw somehow managed to get to the semi finals. Don’t get me wrong I was made up as I managed three nights out to watch them. Last time we got to a semi final I was just 16 this time around I am 44 and at my age semi’s are a rare thing though I do believe you can get pills to sort these kind of issues out. Must enquire next time I am getting some Tena Ladies for Mrs Fay. As a man who kept singles and album charts from 1989 to around 1997 I cant believe I haven’t been holding soccer dice world cups since 1986 when I got my first set of soccer dice. Anyway you can guarantee the soccer dice world cup will now be held every four years and run alongside collecting the panini world cup stickers (Yes another full album) Anyway below is how the knockout phase worked out and as for England it was never really coming home but it was a good ride whilst it lasted.

So ita ll been happening this week with Brexit (It still wont happen) and the visit of Donald Trump. I think the picture below sums it up with Philip May thinking how come I didn’t pull a bird like the Big D ? Hoping that when the keys go into the pot later on in the evening at Chequers he might be up all night to get lucky. That reminds me of the time me and Mrs Fay started our naughty forties and were at a dinner party (I had a plain burger and chips) and it got to that time of the evening when the keys went into the bowl. Personally I was hoping it was a draw for a car and we could replace our battered Vauxhall Meriva with my mates Mercedes. But it was some kind of wife swapping game. I must admit I was very excited. No not in that way. I am always fond of a good draw and remember bunking out at lunch from Calderstones School to scoff a sneaky Sayers in the enog (Back Alleyway) behind Sayers and listen to our mini transistor radio see who Liverpool drew in the third round FA Cup Draw. So back to the car key draw. To cut a long story short me an Mrs Fay’s keys were the last two left in the tupperware bowl so we drew each other. So much for our naught forties. We left the dinner party and got the cab to stop at the garage on the way home were we both found a new partner for the remainder of the evening. I got a Twix and Mrs Fay a Fruit & Nut and we got home and had a pleasurable experience scoffing our new chocolate bar partners and then went to bed.

Some good news this week and the rescue of the Thai boys stuck down a cave. Nice to see a happy ending for once and with people going on about Englands football heroes I know who my heroes of the week are and its those divers who saved the kids but sadly lost one of their own in the rescue attempt.

So today sees another rescue attempt as I attempt to rescue my expanding waist line (after a world cup final BBQ and booze yesterday) after a massive post marathon blow out during the world cup. It will be a month until my holiday in Cyprus and I can already feel (and see) my beer gut coming back. The good news is I am still running 6 miles easily and have joined a gym so all should be good in the attempt to get my marathon figure back. But my marathon running figure is that of a fat bastard and not a very fat bastard ha ha. I haven’t bothered to step on the scales on injustice as I did not want to ruin my world cup but I stepped on them this morning and I think they have broke as the numbers are higher than I expected and the Speedo Challenge 2018 has started. Wish me luck as I will need it as I am at a family party next weekend and then away for a weekend in Glasgow to celebrate my father in law retiring so expect another of the now famous “A Cultural Review Of” blogs about our weekend in Glasgow in a fortnights time. Anyway just got the ball rolling by treating my beautiful wife to a place in The English Half Marathon on September 16th. I know I spoil her rotten. Just settling down to see what game is on tonight. What you mean its finished ? No booze and footy on a school night. Ahhh well nailed a 6 mile jog on my lunch hour and has alphabet spaghetti for tea. Back on it indeed !!


Fay x x x x x x x x x x


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