A Cultural Review Of Glasgow

A bonus edition of the now famous “A Cultural Review Of ……….” Previous editions can be found by clicking the links Wroclaw   Riga Tallinn Krakow Warsaw Hamburg Stuttgart Douglas Berlin and the bonus editions Benllech Edinburgh 

So the excuse occasion this time was that my 66 year old father in law has just retired from work. It would be a whole new blog going through what jobs he has had but the later period of his life was spent being a teacher. But thats it now. He finished on Wednesday and we dragged him to Glasgow on Friday. Not sure what he is going to do with his time now (I need a bike shed building) but I am sure he will keep himself busy with his hobby of bike riding (I need a bike shed building) So with the sole aim of getting him ending up wearing a kilt and one of those tartan hats with inbuilt ginger wig did we manage it ? Read on. Luckily enough I was able to go but had to put off that bike shed construction I had planned.

So with Lime St being shut we arranged to meet at Prescot station and had a beer on the platform to send us on our way. A change at Wigan and another beer en route we were in Preston with plenty of time to spare and met two of the other lads and had a couple of pints in Preston and couple of beers to carry onto the Glasgow train and at 8pm the magnificent seven were in Glasgow. Desperate for the toilet we refused to spend 40p in Glasgow station for a piss but instead ended up going to an expensive boozer instead. After working out we were going in the wrong direction for the hotel we got back en route and stopped off for a pint in The Grant Arms and come across our first interaction with the locals. Walking in behind the couple they were on the verge of splitting up but must have patched things up before they got the the bar and after a chat with them they described one of the magnificent 7 as “Pot Ugly” the other six of us managed to pick ourselves off the floor due to laughter and all secretly breathed a large sigh of relief it wasn’t us. I had planned on having a moment listening to “Raintown” by Deacon Blue whilst walking around Glasgow in the rain. That dream soon passed and all it seemed to do on Friday night was piss down. I did manage a rendition of “Dignity” with one of the lads on karaoke and we were dodging in and out of the rain en route to more pubs. The rain was that bad that we had a first for one of our cultural review trips and we had to purchase some umbrellas out of the kitty !! So we ended up at some bar with a 3am closing time and got kicked out of there about 3.15am and it was time to sway home in the rain stopping off for some chips on the way home. The latter bit of the evening is a blur.

So I had boxed myself off a nice double bed and having fell into bed around 3.45am I was soon wide awake not long after 8am. What the hell was all that about. Luckily there was no hangover as I was obviously still pissed. I headed off to Wetherspoons for breakfast and a bottle of Mixed fruit Koppaberg purely for thirst reasons and off we headed back on it for Saturday’s adventures. To keep us of the ale we decided we were going to head up to watch Partick Thistle play. We got on the Glasgow underground which for some reason seemed like a miniature railway and a couple of stops later and a small walk we were in a boozer with some of the home fans and we necked a few before the match in The Woodside Inn. So we got to the stadium with plenty of time to avoid the rush and it was only £12 to get in. Or £6 if you were an old bastard as somebody was. Inside the ground there was no ale on sale so I consoled myself with a very tasty Partick thistle official club sausage roll. Pre match there was a scary official mascot and some poor defending has the visitors Ayr United one up. The attendance was 2,871 though this was at least 7 down for the second half as we all decided to bail to the pub due to thirst and it being quite windy in the stand and we had only just dried out from the Friday night. For the record the result was Partick 0 Ayr 2. The next boozer up was The Munns Vaults and again we met one of Glasgows more interesting characters.

Link Here For Video

So outside we had a chat with our Scottish raver who was called Duncan. He even let me have a listen to what was playing (Dance music surprise surprise) and he adopted one of our gang as “wee man” and said he was now like family. A lovely fella but just absolutely mad !!

So taxis into town again and we went a bar that had let us in for one last 11pm drink on the Friday and this time it was full and we ended up in a jukebox singalong with some young Scott’s. We then headed to The Horseshoe to see if we could get the Liverpool game on but it was not to be  and so we watched the boxing instead. As the night wore on I was feeling the 4hrs 21 min sleep I had the night before after 12 hours on the grog and decided to bail. Dont get me wrong I was pissed again but just knackered and bailed home just after 12am and with some chips on the way home again was back in the hotel not long after. Things are never easy bevvied and trying to get in my room my card wouldn’t work. I went downstairs and he boxed off my key. But alas after another hike to the 6th floor it didnt work. Back downstairs again and he must have just taken one last look at my weary pissed face and he escorted me upstairs and let me in my room.

On Saturday night I did manage a more respectable 7 hours 38 of sleep and with another Wetherspoon’ breakfast we were in the station and ready to head home. Now if I had only received a pound for every time I was called “Big Man” in Glasgow I would be rich. Just one last bit of drama and we had to sprint at Wigan to avoid missing our train to Liverpool and made it with about 1 minute to spare as the seven of us were out of breath and ale oozing out of sweaty bodies after the “Wigan dash” So that was that. No time to mention “Token birds” or whatever “Eddie on the door was” (I cant remember) Again another belter couple of days and Glasgow was a great city and we only just scratched the surface of it meeting some nice people and some memorable people. Time to recover from two days hardcore drinking and dream of a bike shed. Happy retirement to my father in law Dave and here he is below at the match with his eldest son Eddie (On the right) and we didnt managed a kilt and tartan hat with ginger wig. But there are six of us proud as punch as we are not “Pot Ugly”


Fay x x x x x x x x x x

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