Creamfields 2018 (Saturday)

So Saturday lunchtime and I was chilling and thinking about a wedding reception I was to attend that evening and a text drops asking if I wanted to go to Creamfields today. A few more details received and it was an access all areas ticket. Hmmmmm last nights £3 flowers I bought from Tesco wasn’t going to be enough and I was thinking even a night with Robbie Williams wouldn’t do the trick. Anyway Mrs Fay is a goodun and she allowed me to go and by 4pm I was heading up to Daresbury for Creamfields 21. Funny enough 14 years a go to this very day I was planning on popping out on my lunch break to get my Creamfields ticket when i got a call from the womens hospital to say Mrs Fay was not coming out and that I needed to get there ASAP. The next morning ickle Elizabeth Fay was born 5 weeks early at just 3 pounds and my Creamfields career was over. Now 15 years since the last one the hiatus was to be over.

We arrived on site and entered the artists accreditation area. My mate was playing (Babalou) and I had promoted myself to be his production manager and after the sniffer dogs had given us the once over we had picked up out artists beer and food token and we headed into the artists area. We then headed out and had a look around the site and there were plenty of sites to see and people already in various states of “enhancement” The site was a mixture of tents and some man made structures as well including a bull ring type venue and the now famous Cream Steelyard building. I must admit the site was much more impressive than I had imagined with two large outdoor stages and things have definitely moved on over the 15 years since I last attended. The Speke Creamfields had developed into a festival for the kiddas of Liverpool but with this having a camping area and spread over several days it had a more of a festival feel though there were a few gangs of Ket Wig kiddas decked out in black with their manbags. A quick look into the hospitality tent and we left that armed with some cans of San Miguel and we headed back to the Steelyard to see Camelphat. We managed to get backstage and onto the stage. The crowd were lapping it up and through the smoke there was just a few rays of sunlight entering the tent which made for a cracking scene. Thousands upon thousands of happy faces looking my way in adulation of Camelphat not me the fat camel in an Adidas trackie top. Anyway the decks for the next set had been put in front of us ready to wheel on and I couldn’t resist posing for a photograph to make it look like I was DJ’ing to the masses. It gave me an insight into what it must be like for a footballer to scorer a massive goal and look at the faces and celebrations of the fans.


So leaving the excellent Camelphat as my mate Babalou was to play on The Red Bull tent and behind the DJ booth was a crate of San Miguel. Happy days as I danced for the hour and amount of people in the tent ebbed and flowed as the set progressed. En route to a toilet break I took in one of the main stages and a smaller stage nearby and with me representing The KLF with my t-shirt I couldn’t resist taking a photograph of an ice cream van even if it wasn’t The KLF (Make mine a 99)

So a final potter around the site and 7 hours of boozing had caught up with us and we headed home just as I imagine the party was starting for some people around midnight and due to this got an Uber cab dead easy after some hackney wanted £80 of us !!

It was an excellent day and who would have though that this near 45 year old washed up “Cheesy Quaver” would attend another Creamfields festival and not only that have access all areas which put a very interesting and privileged view on the days events. You know your getting old when you go to Creamfields and still get in earlier than the wife and kids who went to a wedding. How the mighty have fallen. On the plus side I woke up this morning at 10am right as rain as opposed to a three day wipe out after Creamfields 2003 and below is me at that very festival taken at 2.53am I was hardcore then



Fay x x x x x x x x x x


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