Back To Skool Yerrrrrrrrrrsssssssss !

“Schools out for summer” as the song Schools Out by Alice Cooper goes and the kids come jumping and cheering out of school and every parent grimaces unless you are a teacher. As far as I know there isn’t a “Back To Skool” song. The nearest I could get was an old classic ZX Spectrum game “Back to Skool” But a “Back to skool” song should be made and could be accompanied by an orchestra of millions of relieved parents. Tomorrow the youngest goes back to infants and Tuesday will see middle daughter start senior school and the eldest starting her GCSE year (Shit is getting real girl !! ) So you might think that the loud cheers ringing around Aigburth this evening are from The Fusion Festival being held down Otterspool but are in fact me and Mrs Fay cheering and having a bevy on Back To Skool Eve. I say cheering but in reality I am crying into my Desperados as Mrs Fay has informed me it has cost us £400 to uniform the bastards little cherubs. This doesn’t include the two bus passes we need to buy as well. This coming hot on the heals of our family holiday and the added bonus of me being self employed and getting a big fat zero when on holiday if we were a football team we would be teetering on the brink of administration. In reality though we are lucky as we can and will scrape by and after all have just had a week in Cyprus. For many families in Liverpool and across the country uniform time can be a tough time of year. With schools insistent on expensive blazers (I wonder how much of a kick back they get from the shops that provide them) and some insisting on PE kits being embroidered with names on ? With lab coats and other things “needed” in schools the bill soon racks up and thats before bags and back to school pens etc and of course the all important compass so you can stab yer mates with it. So bring on national “Take a picture of your kids in front of the front door in their uniform” day

This summer seems to have gone faster than normal and its hard at times working from home with the gang in the house for two reasons (A) They are noisy and (B) you just want to be off with them as well but we are here September 2nd and we have made it through just about even if the youngest was testing at times towards the end of the holidays. The eldest is rounding the weekend off with two days down at The Fusion Festival getting on a “workers” bands following proudly in the footsteps of her father who was an “Artist” last Saturday at Creamfields for an access all areas Saturday festival appearance CREAMFIELDS blog here

The summers excess is taking a toll on my waistline which was made worse by the fact that it was a World Cup year and the weather just screamed “Drink Cider, Drink Cider” at me. But two weeks today me and Mrs Fay are doing The English Half Marathon in Warrington and this is the start of my next challenge with coincides with me being 45 on the 18th September. I have set myself a challenge of doing one half marathon race a month from September 2018 to August 2019. I hate the fives so my challenge is to be fitter and slimmer when I reach 46 then I was when I was 26 !!!

So as we are on the second day of autumn in the weather world and many of you know me via my @Liverpoolweath Twitter page of Liverpool Weather Facebook Page I can confirm that this summer has gone as below.

Summer stats for Liverpool (June-Aug)

Ave Temp 19.50c
Ave summers 91-17 17.48c.
Max 32.2c 26th & 29th June
9 days 30c or over.

Rain 122.4mm
Ave rain 04-17 220.2mm

A hotter and drier summer than average

Only 1995 beat it for temp 19.85c

Driest summer on my records (from 2004)

So at last we have had a boss summer even if it did just tail off a bit in August. I am gonna have a boss next week as the kids are back in school. But sadly things are not great in the world as the headline below shows. Let this evenings back to school party commence with a Desperados and I have even bought myself a little Colin The Caterpillar cake and remember never let your sister die you a designer vagina.


Fay x x x x x x x x x x

Yerrrrrrrrsssss they really are back to school get in :0)


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