Labour down The Pier Head. We can do this.

So a quiet weekend was planned when I discovered that on Saturday evening there was a Labour rally down The Pier Head from 6-8 that featured two of my fave bands The Christians and The Farm. If you haven’t read the blog The Christians turned up at my house once BLOG HERE (Click link for blog) and not only that Jeremy Corbyn was to give a speech. Well thats an invite I couldn’t turn down. With my socialist mate and father in law busy I ended up going down on my own and so took my posh camera to get a few snaps.

So down there for about 5.45 and refusing the temptation of bringing a few tinnies over though I was tempted for a quick pint en route from the station first up was a speech. Must be easy pickings delivering a speech at a labour event in Liverpool. First band up were my joint fave band ever (Joint with Deacon Blue) The Christians. Just the three songs “Forgotten Town” “Ideal World” and “Harvest For The World” from the lads who over the years have become a tight band with the increased touring they do and Joey does the business on vocals as well. That reminds me I mist get tickets for their chrimbo gig.

More speakers hitting the open goal of the Liverpool crowd and band number two were on and again Liverpool’s own The Farm. Just a few tracks from them as well including “All Together Now” helped by John McClure from reverend and The Makers. The Farm are responsible for one of the greatest gigs I have been to as part of the Justice Tonight Band with Mick Jones from The Clash, Pete Wylie and a strong cast of others the gig they done at District (The old new Picket) was amazing. To hear Jones doing some Clash songs just a few feet away was amazing. The Farm opened with “Bankrobber” gently reminding us it wasn’t about the bastard bankers who screwed us all over (My words not Peter Hooton’s)

Shadow Chancellor John McDonnell was up next and a home town gig for him and another home run which the ever growing crowd lapped up. I was a bit worried at 5.45 at the rather sparse attendance compared to the thousands that turned up on a wet weekday night outside St George’s Hall the other year but by the main event the Pier Head was chokka. Final band of the night and its always great to see a new band and Captain Ska who had the longest set of the evening and had the crowd bopping along to their infectious ska beat and anti Tory lyrics. Must catch a full set by them.

It was then time for the headline act and the messiah was on stage.

If ever there was a leader for Liverpool this is the man. For me he is the last roll of the political dice. If the country doesn’t buy into what he has to offer then frankly its fucked. As mentioned none of my other auld mates would have fancied this. Some are not left leaning, some borderline if not full on Tory. How the fuck did that happen ? Most probably the reason we don’t discuss things like that. Why ruin years of friendship over politics ? I just hope in ten years talking my 55th birthday drinks I am not saying “I told you so, we had a chance and your all passed it over” Corbyn as expected went down a storm. I have been with him since day one of his leadership campaign. I joined the Labour party and have done a bit of leafleting and attended the odd meeting. Time to put my money where my mouth is. Others have come on board and others have yet to be convinced. As 8 o’clock come the crowd had seen what they wanted to and as Corbyn went off stage “Let’s Dance” by Bowie came on a choon I adore but  legged it for the train to get home for a bevy and to see how my pictures came out.

So a bonus evening out of nowhere. I got to see two of my fave bands discovered a new band and walked off into the darkness of a Liverpool evening walking up into the city centre smiling as the last hope is very much on and Liverpool are top of the league. For the record I would take a Corbyn win over a Liverpool league championship. Some things are just more important.

Sunday night vinyl night and one year today since “The Screaming Eagle Of Soul” Mr Charles Bradley died. I was lucky enough to catch Charles play live three times (It wasn’t enough) so I will be playing his three albums “”No Time For Dreaming” “Victim Of Love and “Changes” Do watch the documentary about him “Soul Of America” such a nice fella and got to live his dream at the very end of his life.

Pictures from last nights event below and as ever click on a pic for a larger image.

Peace and power to the people

Fay x x x x x x x x x x


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