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So embarrassed to say it but I finally got around to watching I Daniel Blake. The delay was because I wanted Mrs Fay to watch it and she finally cleared her schedule of reality TV and Emmerdale and we sat down last night to watch it. Now I new what was gonna come. I have an insight to this as I assess Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support for a council in the UK. I think most people who are that inclined have watched the film by now and those who don’t want to wont ever will. So there is a spoiler coming up.

I knew Daniel was going to die. I thought it would be because he ended up working to get some money though looking at that it was a much more powerful finish for him to die just before his Employment & Support Allowance appeal and hence why I write blogs and Ken Loach writes films.

What a sad state of affairs that the current Brexit crisis will forever and a day gain more news inches and viewing time than what is happening to the poorest members of society. My late dad a very clever man and a man of wisdom always said to me “You judge a society on how it treats its weakest members” I am sure he has ripped that off from somewhere but hey ho and my god (I don’t do god) but what I would do to have a beer and run the brexit bollocks past him.

So as said there wasn’t anything new in the film for me. I pride my benefits work as gong the extra mile to get somebody sorted. Giving them easy and precise advice on what to do and signpost them to other places of help. Oh and by the way when I started in benefits food banks were not heard of and extra “help” wasn’t needed for the masses.

Anyway we are in the social media age and I tweeted this after the film ended which lead me to having the need to put something down in a blog which you can see was a starter to write this.

“Embarrassed to say I have only just got around to watching I Daniel Blake. I knew what was gonna come. I work in Housing Benefits. If only this kind of shit made the news like Brexit. Mrs Fay in tears. We really do need to sort this shit out.

For the record I pay as much as I can in my job and will go the extra mile to sort claimants out and direct them to what they need to do. Any age, from any country and any extra help they can get.

These people are applying to stay alive in many cases to the council or DWP. They get demonised by many. Easy to look down the ladder. Look up my friends. That’s were the real con people are”

Somebody bit I say bite but I wasn’t after a bite I was just putting what I felt about the film out there. Anyway somebody came back and it was all about abusers of the system. To cut a long story short I said that you should look above for the fiddlers of the system. My second tweet was “We wont agree so best leave it here” they wouldn’t and after more predictable tweets I ended my side with “In that case I am off. Enjoy the rest of the night” and it was here can I claim I was trolled ha ha ha with the reply “Thank fuck for that no wonder the benefits system is fucked, employing you for a start. You work do you want to pay more tax, money has to come from somewhere? I know I pay enough I am not wanting to raise more children to those who have never worked a day in their lives. The end”

The end of what ? You reading the Daily fucking Mail ? You kindly raising thousands of children to people who have never worked, you paying full tax rates and joining the fuckers above you who don’t pay their share. To be honest I had nailed a litre bottle of wine and was so tempted to reply “Your a cunt. The end” but I didn’t as I joined Twitter 10 years ago and have never had a twitter spat and dont intended to start now and send peace and love to all on Twitter. I dont debate politics on Twitter and now in life as I have realised having some semi-Tory possibly full on Tory friends (how the fuck did that happen ?) you never change views so instead of pissing in the wind you might as well talk footy and look at that bird over there.

15 game until the big one is brought home. Jesus I had forgot how tense a title challenge is. Oh for Saturday afternoons when I just checked my phone for a score update instead of watching the match on some dodgy stream. In other news the 1990’s Neil Fay has just died as I have realised that Damon Albarn is much more musically talented than The Gallagher Brothers. Saying that at the same time of that epic war I thought new Labour was boss. Shame a not so epic war tainted that legacy.

Support your food banks, support Labour , even if you don’t like the current regime. Anyway a nice day off tomorrow before another 6 day week because I Neil Fay Housing Benefits assessor will be doing my upmost best to help people come Monday morning.


Fay x x x x x x x x x x



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