The sun sets on Brexit day aka Friday

So at 11pm tonight that should have been that. What a week eh and my new favourite channel is The Parliament Channel. I have a story bout The Parliament Channel but I couldn’t possibly tell you on here but ask me if you ever see me !!

I dont think I have been watching too much Brexit stuff on the news but with Mrs Fay being out and also 2 out of my 3 sprogs and being on day 4 of yet another fitness campaign (No white bread or crisps so far) I was wavering on if I should have a bevy or not. Especially being off for a second Saturday on the run which is unheard of as I am such a money grabbing bastard. There was only one way to resolve the conundrum.

“The question is as is on the order paper”

“As many as there are who say Aye, on the contrary no”


15 mins later after the votes were cast

“I can now announce the results of the shall Fay have a bevy motion

“Aye 631”

“No 3”

“The aye’s have it the aye’s have it, unlock”

And so it was time for a bevy and to watch Sky news try and make sense of the vote. The Breakdown of who voted “No” soon same through and for the record it was my liver, my waistline and The Member of Parliament for Islington North AKA Jeremy Corbyn because in this current shitstorm he seems to get blamed for everything anyway so might as well lump him in with the no voters.

The idea for the above was inspired by a tweet this week which went along the lines of “I haven’t been watching too much parliament channel but I have just told my children not to chunter from a sedentary position”

Anyway who knows whats happening. All back on Monday for more votes which no doubt will make the process non the clearer and I will have wasted another couple of hours glued to the news.

So having been for a 6.5 mile jog with Mrs Fay this morning we always like to finish a bit away from the house and have a warm down (walk) home and this time it was through the lovely Otterspool Park. On a bit of rusty old fence in front of us was a Robin. Mrs Fay said “Thats a sign of somebody you know” So I replied “It’s my mate John” There was an elongated reply of “No” and a look as if I was daft when the reply came ‘No somebody who is dead” Ahhh silly old me I should have known that. Must have been me ma.

Speaking of which I was walking the dogs before and bumped into a gang of fellow dog walkers I know. There was one lady who had the tell tale cap/bandana that signalled she was undergoing chemotherapy. My heart sank for her and I said hello to her. I had an instant flashback to my mum who sported such headwear on more occasions than I wish to remember. It’s 13 years since she died in a few weeks but its the random moments that still get you like a stake through the heart even after all that time.

So to finish on a positive note its the six music festival this weekend and I am going on the Saturday. Expect the standard blog of how everybody was great, I was pissed and got a chippy on the way home.

The sun now sets on Brexit day Friday (Well Sefton Park the other night)


Fay x x x x x x x x x x



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