Glastonbury Day 5

And so post Chemical Brothers things weren’t too bad. Decided not to head the car and take a bigger hit on Monday morning and the temperatures had cooled a touch and I was on the Desperados by 10:30 as I had necked all my Koppaberg. So we headed out to catch Mavis Staples first up on The Pyramid Stage (Pic below) and she reminded me of a female version of the late great Solomon Burke. Got a good speck at the front and the sun was just starting to come out but not as warm as Saturday which was too hot (Yeah I know better than a mudfest) So we then headed out for a random bimble around the site having a few beers and ended up at Casette Boy in The Glade one of my fave venues in Glastonbury. Cassette Boy places visuals and words to take this piss out of political figures in a mash up of all mash ups. Very clever but there was the odd technical glitch superb handled and one of them quipped about needing some money for new gear and with that a missile of friendly thrown coins rained down on the stage. So much that he couldn’t jokingly collect them all and they had to be swept up at the end of the set. Reminded me of the early 1990’s when a St John Ambulance woman jokingly shook her collection tin in front of the old standing Spion Kop and yes the same result happened. The Stewards made a fortune collecting it all up ha ha.

Mavis Staples Glastonbury 2019

We then headed down to a very busy Kylie Minouge and was expecting Nick Cave to come on but was disappointed Jason Donavan never turned up for his moment. It was pop-disco tastic at time and ended up drinking a friends “Dirty” 7% plus cider we swayed up for a scouse singalong to The Bootleg Beatles which never fails to be fun and the had a cider in the sun and swayed home for a quick pitstop but not after waiting a very long time for some kind of Canadian food that might have been flown in quicker from Canada rather than the wait we endured. I say we obviously not me with my limited eating at Glastonbury tactic.

So we headed out to see The Streets but it was chokka and were nice and relaxed and pissed so went for a bevvy in The Wood and walked the back of The Pyramid Stage to catch The Cure. Being so far back the sound was great and so were The Cure musically but its not really my cup of tea and I fell squarely into the I’ve come for the few hits gang but two of the lads were right near the front enjoying the full experience. Mad to think on the picture below the red crane top left is about 1.5 miles away and had all the disco kids off their tits dancing away. A million miles away from The Cure.

So normally it would be time for bed after the last Sunday night slot but we headed out for a few more pints and me and Mrs Fay ended up in Williams Greens until around 01:30 am dancing away to The Buttoned Down Disco and who doesn’t want to be dancing to “Fame” playing with massive balloons at the end of a 5 day bender in some fields ?

It was then time for the sad walk home to the tent and goodbye Glastonbury. Number 8 was special again and different again. See you next year if the ticket gods are good to me and a full review with pictures and the agonies of coming home blog to be posted over the next few days.


Fay x x x x x x x x x

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