Glastonbury 2019 review and happy 10th birthday blog

So Monday morning and I was awoke just after 7am in my tent by noise from neighbours packing away and also the tent was getting a bit warm. Managed to laze until 8am and then started tidying the tent up and then taking the tent down. It is a truly heartbreaking time knowing that a magical five days is over and it is time to head back out the gates to planet reality. All packed up and leaving a spotless camping area (Leave no trace) it was time for the 1.5 miles walk to the car. Our tent is massive (So am I) so its a pain in the arse to lug about but I powered on and a nice still breeze in my face helped and we arrived at the easy to spot car as we had put our champions league final flag back up. I was expecting a delay getting out of the car park as it was 10am but we drove straight out and were on our way back to Liverpool. With a stop off for a decent wash and hitting some traffic we arrived back in Liverpool just after 4pm and it was a shower and a lie down on my own bed after an exceptional visit to my own toilet throne. Planet reality had already kicked in about an hour from home though as middle sprog had phoned me to see what time we were home and also could she play out !!!

So a review of the 2019 festival. First up it was very hot. I felt like I had not seen many acts but when creating my Glastonbury Spotify playlist to listen to in work today I had caught 14 acts and bits of others a long with a few DJ’s and also many of what we call “Random Boogie Points” so I cant really moan about what I got up to. The Glastonbury Tyskie flag is back on my office wall along with a Glastonbury Free Press and a decision was made not to take it out of camp this year but its a handy thing to help get home when your smashed and need to find your tent.

So Glastonbury is really a game of Bandersnatch over five days but no decision is a bad one, well maybe the one to walk the car to get ale on Saturday morning that nearly killed me. Trying to remember some random moments is very hard but during Cassette Boy I found myself getting into the theme tune from BBC Grandstand cutting some dance moved to it !! Which leads me to the Steve Davis moment which I struggled to get my head around. How can a snooker player who I watched get beat in a world championship final at 12am on BBC2 as a kid now over 30 years later be dropping choons and giving me such enjoyment. Madness but not as mad as the Neil Fay I follow on Twitter saying he would love to go to Glastonbury and of he does we should meet. I am not sure the time vortexes are ready for a meeting of two Neil Fay’s smashed at Glastonbury. It might open up a black hole but come to think of it maybe it could suck in all Tories and Donald Trump ?

So we had a chair challenge going on that drifted into drunkenness. But the voting is in and we made it onto 5 chairs though we reckon it was seven. We can do so much better in 2020. Might have only been 4 as the hammocks were two only at a time but we scoused it up just for the pic.


So last night my guts had their traditional Tuesday night post Glastonbury explosion and one of the rare occasions I wish I had a bidet. Had a drink on Monday and Tuesday to wean myself off the grog and stop those post Glastonbury blues. It doesn’t however stop those post Glastonbury trippy dreams. Mondays highlights included one of my best mates being killed in a massive train crash at Liverpool Central station and after it somebody impersonating him to make me think he was alive and the head of Merseyrail who run the trains being a cunt post accident. The name of my mate shall remain nameless until I have told him about my premonition. He did die a hero though saving a child !!!

So time for highlights and lowlights.

Highlights watching Smoove & Turrell, Sheryl Crow and The Chemical Brothers oh and a last night boogie in Williams Green.

Lowlights nearly dying on Saturday morning. Southerners with full on white sports socks fully pulled up (Please tell me no scouser ever does this) and a few of my chins  (Top left) making it onto BBC coverage of Mavis Staples (Two of our girls look so much better)

Records set getting pissed twice in the same day on Thursday, doing 204,666 steps last week on my Garmin Watch and putting after sun on when I got home to keep my boss Glastonbury tan going.

So some of my fave pictures posted below and until 2020 it was a pleasure spending Glastonbury with our gang of 9 and meeting many others down on the farm.

Just a quick mention that 10 years ago today I posted my first blog on the future of banking. Many many thanks to those that read this bollocks and even more thanks who have given me positive comments. Stalkers will notice that the blog gets a new look today and also an extra kiss after my signature.


Fay x x x x x x x x x x






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