World Champions and Zippy is Prime Minister

So Saturday was spent out on the ale as I met my mates for a pint in town. Last time I had seen most of them was our chrimbo night out. Mad how time flashes past and it 6 months since we had a pint. We made up for lost time though and went to Wetherspoons, The Crown, Dough Bar (2) The Big House, Waves, Barcelona, Peacock, Jacaranda, The Swan and O’Neills (2) We were heading to the Cavern but the lad in charge of the kitty went AWOL and we decided to call it a night. A wise decision as I fell in just after 12 and knew I had had a bevy when I woke up in the morning. Fuzzy memories from the pub crawl but a Glastonbury flashback in The Swan as I has a Strawberry and Lime Brothers Cider. Also remember going the toilet in The Barcelona and then working out what way to come back up was like a Bandersnatch with several left or right choices but I made it back to my pint. Didn’t even round the night of with a post beer scran (Gutted) The committee decided that we will now meet for a pint every 3 months (At least) and the last Saturday in October will be the next planned night out. There were also murmurings of a trip to Munich in October and plans starting to be made for the first of the lads 50th birthdays in 2021. In other mates news Ian is building a bar in his back garden and we decided that for health and safety reasons it will need a few test events before the official opening to which we will all bring him a bar item each as an opening present.

So Sunday was already planned as a day on the couch to watch the Cricket World Cup final and 12 bevvies the night before it was much needed. I did however bravely get up of the couch around 12:30 nut only to go and lie on my bed watching the cricket on my iPad and continuing my new addiction to Dr Mario on the iPhone ! The dogs did get a walk in-between innings and I settled back on the couch too see if England could finally lift the world cup. With one eye on a pulsating tennis final the cricket ended up being possibly the best game of one day cricket ever. With England riding their luck big time it went to crickets version of a penalty shoot out and a super over. Went the super over was drawn and England won by virtue of hitting more boundaries in the game. Lucky lucky England but the record books will just say 2019 World Champions England. Feel sorry for New Zealand but it just wasn’t meant to be. It would be nice to see the kids put their footies down seeing as the summer holidays are upon us and buy some cricket gear and get into the game but despite this world cup win the beast that is football is well and truly out of the bag. So the only decision left on Sunday evening was should I walk the dogs and get my 10,000 steps for the day or have a double vodka and orange. That is the sound of ice splashing in the background.

So we are now not long away from Boris Fucking Johnson becoming Prime minister of England but in a different dimension a new leader of the country has been appointed. Yes Zippy from Rainbow. Now I was a massive Rainbow fan growing up so Zippy would get my vote over Boris Fucking Johnson. As you can see below George has been appointed Chancellor but poor old Bungle has been had off and is just a chauffeur. No sign of Geoffrey but I suppose he is dead and I am made up that we wasn’t outed as some kind of nonce as that would have been my childhood destroyed. I am sure many in The Tory Party would wish Boris Fucking Johnson would have a zip on his mouth and a senior civil servant could zip it up just as he is about to spout some shite but they way he has treated one of them they might well want him to put his foot in it. So good luck to Zippy in his five year term and I am sure he will deal with Brexit much better that it has been and fuck it off and I look forward to seeing Rod, Jane and Freddy serve in the cabinet as ministers for Swinging.

Oh and if you have never seen the original Bungle here is a blog about him !!

Original Bungle



Fay x x x x x x x x x x

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