I am now unemployed, Gizza Job !!

So Wednesday was my final day working freelance for Wakefield Council’s Housing Benefit department. My current contract had ran just over 4 years. I have been doing freelance work for just under 10 years and 8 years and 9 months of that has been with various spells with Wakefield Council so I place on record my thanks to them. With Universal Credit coming in to slowly replace Housing Benefits I knew the time would come that work would dry up. So I am having a bit of a rest and recharging the batteries before a nice holiday and all being well I aim to restart work on August 19th but with working scarce this might not happen so I need to have a plan B and C !! A strange feeling putting my final out of office on saying I had left he council and switching my 6.40am morning alarm off on my iPhone. It could well be time for a career change. A bit scary coming up to the age of 46 and the hammer blow realising that getting trained Eg University etc is most probably not a viable option financially with my advancing years. Shit just got real that I am heading towards 50. But the Cv will be updated next week and I will look to apply for some jobs as backup and even have a little self employed venture I might give a go. At least if that goes tits up I can say “Ahh well I tried my best” but for now its carry on as normal and see what karma brings me and who knows in 6 months I might be blogging being let go by Wakefield was the greatest thing that ever happened to me. Or I could be using somebody else’s wifi and the Fay family is homeless ! On the plus side this allowed me to finish a bottle of wine of on a Wednesday evening after I went straight the gym after work as my head was slightly battered with it all and I took out my stresses on the treadmill and cross trainer though walking down to the gym past Aigburth Vale I did think shall I just fuck this off and go the Old Bank Pub and use Apple Pay on my phone. But the answer is never at the bottom of a empty glass. I did sign on the dole for three weeks back in 1996. I knew this wasn’t the future and started at Ladbrokes on less money than my dole. Within two years I was operations manager for them at Goodison Park and managed a shop as well so I know I have it in me. Might be time to relight that ambition flame in myself. So my name is Neil George Fay gizza job, I can do that.

So yesterday we had a family day out to Wakefield as I returned my equipment. Having has a small shopping spree on which I spent the whole sum of £4 which was £2 sunglasses and £2 for a pair of pink swimming shorts from Primani. As we were not far away we decided to go the the Woolpack from Emmerdale as middle sprog likes to watch it. We arrived in Esholt were outside scenes used to be filmed before purpose built Woolpack was created. Amos must be turning in his grave. Mr Wilks will be made up though as I had a Mr Wilks burger for lunch. A plain Mr Wilks burger of course. After a small walk around Esholt and a quick visit to the post office which was also used in Emmerdale we left with a Woolpack fridge magnet and I created this little clip of our girls approaching the Woolpack.

So with time to spare we headed over the hills back into Lancashire and a visit to Clitheroe. My late mum and dad moved to Clitheroe in 1992 so it has a special place in my heart and we parked outside my mum and dads old house which was a strange emotional feeling. It made me think what my mum and dad would have made of our girls now with my mum only seeing one and half years of Elizabeth and my dad got to see all three girls but not much of Holly. We went for a walk up to the top of Clitheroe castle and I popped into the music shop and bought a Chemical Brothers album. I remember the shop opening back in the mid 90’s and always managed to get my mum to treat me to something so I decided I should have a treat after that £4 splurge at Primani. Weird how 25 years later its full circle and back to buying vinyl from the shop in Clitheroe again. So much that its still called Townsend Records so it never did lose the “records” title. Couldn’t be a visit to Clitheroe if we didnt visit the famous Cowmans sausage shop and we headed home on a day of strange emotions with handing my work gear in, going back to my parents last home town and of course standing on the steps of a boozer were Seth Armstrong once bevvied.

Now if only I bought the odd spare book from a library. I think I was banned from Liverpool Libraries in 1991 for not returning an A Level economics book so sadly no chance of the following happening to me. A rare original copy of the first Harry Potter book has sold for £28,500 at auction. The first edition of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone, JK Rowling’s debut novel, was bought by a private collector from the UK. The 1997 book, published with two errors, was sold by Staffordshire libraries for £1 about 20 years ago. The hardback lay in a cupboard at the owner’s home until it was discovered by auctioneers. I also have never read a Harry potter book or watched a Harry Potter film. I have made some Harry potter Lego though and had a mate called Harry who was a pothead  !! Would have seen me right for a year dossing with no job watching daytime TV, playing on my consoles and listening to vinyl.


Fay x x x x x x x x x x

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