Liverpools best kept secret (Williamson’s Tunnels Heritage Centre)

So dole life continues and making Mrs Fay take public transport to work (Be quiet on your way out at 7am as some of us don’t get up until after 9am now) I decided a day out with the kids was in order but with the added twist that some kind of culture must be tagged onto it. Having woke up after 9am and then sorted breakfast out for the sprogs and walked the dogs it was too late to head out to a National trust site so I had the brainwave of going to Williamson’s Tunnels. It’s something I have wanted to do for years and the story behind it fascinates me and it was one to tick off on my nerd list. the next one being the tour of The Mersey Tunnel. Stop yawning eh. So first up all the web site for Williamson’s Tunnels

More info on how to get to the tunnels and tours etc are on the above links. So we headed off in the car and the eldest sprog had bailed on us leaving Charlotte (11) and Holly (7) left and they did not know where we were going to before we hit the shops in town. Their first guess was one or both of the cathedrals and the had no clue until I said heres the sign as we passed it on Oxford Street. With almost perfect timing (5 mins to go) until the next tour we paid our fee’s and I added the extra gift aid on as the tunnels need every penny the can get to remain open so if you have not been there please pop along. The tour is about 45 mins long and offers a fascinating insight into Liverpool’s past and the strange life of Joseph Williamson. We put our hard hats on and headed into the tunnels.


We entered a tunnel that had been excavated (There is another site with work continuing) Rather than spoil the tour and to make you go on it the upshot is that Joseph Williamson for some reason paid men to dig an array of tunnels in Edge Hill to provide work for them. With Williamson born in the late 1700’s there is only some detail about him and why the network of tunnels was built. The tour provides you much more detail on Williamson and also the website below in the EDIT is well worth a read after you have done the tour for more in depth details from The Friends of Williamson’s tunnels. We went through a couple of the tunnels and along the way you can play spot the mole with the youngest did and also see various finds that have been dug out during excavation including a fascinating relic from Liverpool FC’s first owner John Houlding.

So we left and ended up in the space where the is the occasional gig and even a rave now and again. So glad I finally got around to visit this hidden Liverpool gem. Please please do pop down and have a look as the friend son Williamson’s Tunnels need the funds to keeping and make the attraction even better and keep it open for future generations to have this rare glimpse back into the early 1800’s.

***** EDIT seems we visited The Williamson’s tunnels heritage centre and there is a different bit of tunnel to visit called Friends of Williamson’s tunnels. So another thing on my to do list. web site here

So with that done we headed into town and the realisation that I wish I had shared in Build A Bear and Lush !! Managed to grab a few snaps around Bluecoat Chambers. As ever click on any image on the blog for a better version.


Fay x x x x x x x x x x

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